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Published 10 May, 2019
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The Timeline object allows timelines to be controlled in events.

Timeline Conditions

On started

On started (by name)

Triggered when a timeline starts playing.

On any started

Triggered when any timeline starts playing.

On finished

On finished (by name)

Triggered when a timeline finishes playback.

On any finished

Triggered when any timeline finishes playback.

Is playing

Is playing (by name)

True if a timeline is currently playing.

Is any playing

True if any timeline is playing.

Timeline Actions


Play (by name)

Start playing a timeline.

Play all

Play all the timelines.


Pause (by name)

Pause a timeline. Paused timelines can subsequently be resumed.

Pause all

Pause all the timelines.


Resume (by name)

Resume a paused timeline.

Resume all

Resume all paused timelines.


Stop (by name)

Stop a timeline and reset it to its initial state.

Stop all

Stop all timelines, resetting them all to their initial state.

Set time

Set time (by name)

Set the current playback time of a timeline. If the timeline is playing, playback is stopped.

Timeline Expressions


Retrieve the current time of a timeline by its name.


Retrieve the progress of a timeline by its name, returning a value in the range 0 - 1.