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The power of the HTML5 inside Construct3. Create HTMLElements, handle events and manage CSS style.

Example Files

How to build a tribute page (FreeCodeCamp Project)

How to Build a Survey Form (FreeCodeCamp Project)

How to Build a Technical Documentation Page



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  • camilo4learning Animate Dygerydoo ibiz TILK LuisCGForte

    I just uploaded an updated version of the plugin. It should now support "Module" mode. I tested the sample projects and found no particular problems. But I recommend a little caution and please let me know if something no longer works as it used to.

    For the moment the plugin works with "Use Worker: NO" and "Scripts Type: MODULE".

    Thank you all!

  • Hello does not work in r293, can we count on a fix?

  • Hi it is planned to finalize the plugin for the web worker mode

  • hallo thank you for the plugin, but it cant work on ios/safari.. if i add this object it just show blackscreen.. not go to loading screen..

    • I already know what the problem is and already fix that.. the error is because of "invalid regular expression".. thank you very much for the plugin

  • Amazing plugin thank you very much!

    Do you intend to release an update to support Worker?

  • The version don't run on the latest construct 3 build on iOS safari or chrome. I have always a black screen..

  • I found some problem when run it in iOS. Though, I haven't test it much because I didn't have the device. As it happen my client test it on iOS devices and construct didn't load at all.

    Sorry that I can't explain much, I only know that it's not working on iOS, and I can't ask my client to further test it.

    • Sorry, I don't have any iOS devices. I would need some more information to understand where the problem might be...

      Does the problem occur with a web page or with an app?

      What part of the plugin are you using?

      • But then, i receive a message from my client, said that the game didn't load on iOS.

        As I do trial and error to found the problem, turn out it's HTMLElement itself.

        Once I try to remove everything from HTMLElement from my project, the game can run in iOS.

        This time, to test it, I add an instance of HTMLElement with default value. Wether the object is inside the layout or outside the layout is the same. It's not working on iOS.

        I remove the instance, leave only HTMLElement in construct project folder. It's not working too. The game didn't even load, only black screen.

        I only manage to test that, as I didn't have the devices, and my client only want to go that far to test the plugin.

        I'm sorry that I can only report it like this.

      • I create a game for facebook instant game.

        I tried to add facebook pixel in the game. I followed facebook tutorial and tried to achieve something like this using HTMLElement:


        <img height="1" width="1" style="display:none"



        So I do it like this:

        I put them in the first layout of the game.

        it work like charm, at least in pc and android.

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  • HI el3um4s, excellent plugin and much needed extension to the Contruct 3 engine. Unfortunately, it appears that the new stable release broke the plugin as it no longer supports classic scripting in favor of JavaScript Modules. Ashley just said this in the latest release notes: "If you use a third-party addon that does not work in modules mode, it should only need a very small and quick update to support modules, so contact the addon developer as soon as possible for an update or the addon will stop working in the next release."

    Can you add this update so we may use it moving forward on the next release. The community will certainly appreciate it. Thanks for the awesome work.

  • Hi! I tried to use your plugin and I tried in 3 different versions but all I get is a full black screen. I tried all I can do but nothing worked. Any suggestion?

  • Good afternoon, is it possible to use your plugin to insert another html page without using the iframe tag. Many sites block the display in the iframe, so this method is not suitable for me. I will be grateful for any help.

    • It depends on what you mean by inserting an html page. You can use the "Text like HTML" option and insert an HTML code into the text:


      <p>This is a paragraph.</p>

      <p style="color:red">This is another paragraph.</p>


      <img src="" alt="c3logo">


      This way you can create an html component on top of the construct canvas.

      I don't think you can bypass an iframe to display an external page.

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