The power of the HTML5 inside Construct3. Create HTMLElements, handle events and manage CSS style.

Example Files

Build a Tribute Page.c3p (510.31 KB)

How to build a tribute page (FreeCodeCamp Project)

Build a Survey Form.c3p (327.08 KB)

How to Build a Survey Form (FreeCodeCamp Project)

Build a Technical Documentation Page.c3p (330.21 KB)

How to Build a Technical Documentation Page

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  • Hi el3um4s, Thank you for your plugin. Is there a way to put AdSense ads for game with your plugin ?

    link :

  • I'm having difficulty running the included samples on an iphone. Do these elements run on iOS? I can run the tests, but the screen forms do not show.

    • What project are you testing?

      You can check the demo projects in github: there are some links to online versions ( ).

      • OK, so it appears that COMPILED versions work OK, but I can't run it as a preview/remote preview.

        The online versions worked OK. This will make testing quite a bit slower :S

        None of the project files would run correctly in C3 directly on iOS under preview. If I run a test they all had errors.

        Here's an example of those errors from the product landing page.... I didn't include them all.

        #Product Landing Page tests

        passes:3 failures:13


        1. My product landing page should have a <header> element with corresponding id="header".

        #header is not defined : expected null to not equal null a@


        2. I can see an image within the #header element with a corresponding id="header-img". A company logo would make a good image here.

        #header-img is not defined : expected null to not equal null a@ assert@<SNIP>

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  • Im getting error trying to preview on phone, does this work on android?

    • I just tested on my android phone and it works. You can check the demo projects in github: there are some links to online versions (


      The Markdown editor is only for large screen: I have not implemented in this project the smartphone version.

  • this really opens up much , thanks!! , is it possible to ask for or buy your services? i would like to learn how this works, i tested ur markdown editor, amazing menu and everything but i cant seem to find the HTML codes, and i cant seem to figure out how you put this all together, i am a fast learner tho!

    • Thank you!

      Have you noticed the plugin's properties?

      In "HTML" section you can set the

      * TAG (div, p, ul, img, etc...)

      * ID

      * Class

      * Attribute

      You can also use 'Has Text' and 'Text Like HTML'.

      • Yes, i have been playing around all day with it ! I have 1 problem tho, im trying to use this on preview mode on my android, keep saying im missing the 2 addons CSS and HTML , is this a minor problem that i can try to fix, or does this plugin not support android? Anyways great plugin big ++++

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  • Nice plugin, this will fill the last gaps on C3 =D

    But i think something is broken