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  • Hope the "unsubscription" works for as I've unsubscribed from everything this morning and I'm still getting spam...

  • Well that didn;t work, I unsubscribed and are still getting them. ARGH!!!!! Fix This!

  • Oh, my god, thousands of spam emails. For tutorial, Audit may be requried.

  • Junk email is still rampant....

  • I wish I could subscribe to topics, so I can remember the topics I'm watching replies for. Is that possible yet?

  • I've been experiencing the same as everyone else

    good thing i have my mail organized tho!

    -in hotmail, click the upper right gear, then manage rules. you can precisely tell what email to go where. (folder hierarchy!)

    i hope you guys get this fixed soon, the idea that low-rep users can't post could work. but might also get botted high enough...

    paid options (recent Steam update) is no option because lots of people wouldn't be able to contribute, massive downgrade..

    personally, i'd say every tutorial has to be checked, mod/admin.

    tell tutorial makers that it can take up to 24h, but let us preview how it's going to look directly.

  • Yea the unsubscribe is not working properly. I temporarily set up an email script to take any emails into a folder for deletion. I received 101 related emails from this user who is running this script/bot in 3 hours. Hope the Administrators can address this pronto!

  • Okay this should work. Unsubscribe from here:

  • Spam made webboard to slow.. - -'

  • Unsubscribing from tutorials does not work. The "official" topic thread for this is here (latest posts):

    You need to go to this link for latest on what's happening.

  • wow. over 125 pages of tutorial spam!

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  • I know how to filter spam from email (to trash directly, without flagging scirra as spammer) but those who don't - getting over 400 messages per day might be annoying.

    Without filtering situation would be; Gmail nicely categorizes same subjects "Scirra (40)" so I won't see 40 mails directly from that but when spammer has different username - different collection of emails gets piled and mobile device beeps several times per hour.

    I just hope that SNS won't cause problems in the future for Scirra.

    Adding some custom checks has helped when I did run forums. "What is the name of the product we sell", "check only third and fifth checkbox to prove you are not robot", "leave this field empty". It causes too much customization to spamming scripts them to deal it.

    Also adding delay when new users can post (like an hour) has cut many "hit and run" spammers.

  • Looks like they have been removed now

  • For people having issues with the mailing spam due to newly tutorials being posted, please consider temporarily unsubscribing and check newer tutorials manually until we get the spamming issue fully resolved.


    Unsubscribing doesn't work, even turning off all notifications in my account doesn't stop the spam mail coming.

    In additions to that every time I try to open any forum it takes like 60 seconds or more to load, even just going to the next page in a topic takes forever to load.

    This site is becoming unusable.

  • Let's hope the spammers don't start spamming already posted topics ...

    By the way: here's a list of spam IPs, usernames and emails. If you block them, there won't be probably that much spam anymore ...

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