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  • Since my first post on this and turning off tutorial notifications, I've received about 100 spam emails from this - in just an hour... I have now turned off ALL emails from Scirra, so let's see of that works in stopping it!

  • Some for me. I unchecked everything, unsubscribed and still getting them too. This morning I had 230 in my in box and on avg 10-15 per hour so far. Arrrrg.

  • Looks like prior entire thread in which the topic was spam email coming from tutorials was deleted for some reason. I have been getting 60-100 spam emails per hour to my email from this, even though I turned off all notifications, including those for tutorial updates, and yet the spam keeps on coming. Is anyone at Scirra doing anything about this problem?

  • I´m receiving too...many, many emails ;

    STHTRHSRTH has published a new English tutorial! -

  • There seems to be no way to stop it, as you may find out.

  • Either Scirra has stopped it, or I have (for myself) by going into my tutorial subscriptions and unchecking the broad categories (i.e. All English Tutorials).

  • The method of unchecking tutorial sub categories , which I used early on, did not work, at least not for me. Looks like it has now stopped though in last 10-15 minutes, so I assume Scirra stopped it.

  • They are probably trying to destroy the reputation of Construct 2 and upcoming Construct 3 . May be other similar companies competing with scirra like yoyogames and gamemaker studio are the ones behind this attack? Because few months ago Adventure Maker website (desktop point and click game maker engine with drag and drop) was also attacked and their website is down due to sub attacks

  • danyald I have my doubts they are trying to hurt Scirra. It wastes time, yes, but not reputation. Besides, this kind of attack actually costs money, and eventually it will stop because it won't be worthwhile to generate any more spam.

  • Does Nobody else is receiveng these massive emails from Tutorial?

    Is anybody fixing it in Scirra?

  • No, but I was not subscribed.

  • I'm now getting hit with loads of bogus tutorial emails again, so yeah you're right Cliffu, unsubscribing doesn't work. There was a third explanation apparently - the spammer was just taking a coffee break, haha... Time to add a new spam filter!

  • Cliffu: The topics are not deleted but the duplicates are merged to this already existing topic posted in the correct place in the forums.

    Please don't post yet another useless duplicate.

    All: Reminder :

    Yes, Scirra is aware, yes they are doing what they can to get rid of those waves of spam.

    Sorry about the inconvenience.

    Thanks a lot for your patience and comprehension.

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  • I have been gone for about an hour and returned to find the spam to my email continues. The strategy of unsubscribing from tutorials - which I have done early on - does NOT work. I still am getting spam long after I unsubscribed.

    For people having issues with the mailing spam due to newly tutorials being posted, please consider temporarily unsubscribing and check newer tutorials manually until we get the spamming issue fully resolved.


  • ugh this is getting ridiculous. please remove









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