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  • If you remove their account, there's a good chance they will just create it again, possible on a different IP. Yesterday someone spammed the blog with over 10 accounts.

  • For those who report user name accounts, don't bother.

    The name you reported were actually already dealt with for hours before you even posted. Reporting names in a topic don't help.

    As with any spam, if you find a problematic post in the forums, please do a report clicking the triangle in the top right of any post.

    This is the best report you can do.

  • No let up in sight. After about 90 mins, I got almost 50 spam emails.

  • yeah. I just had to delete around 300 emails. Good thing i have them go into a separate folder

  • maybe temporarily disable tutorial making until a fix is found? i keep getting emails from them

  • the same problem still here (sorry for my bad english)

  • Either Scirra has stopped it, or I have (for myself) by going into my tutorial subscriptions and unchecking the broad categories (i.e. All English Tutorials).

    Tried it, got three tutspams before being able to finish this post. Hope it kicks in soon, i'm around 300 deep. Ah. Another two. Jeez louise.

  • Unsubscribe from Tutorial does not work for me

  • i'm setting up filters for individual users eg: auto delete all emails with the subject line 'strhrthrth has published a new English tutorial! -' this will stop some emails coming in.

  • It seems like not everyone is paying attention to what user's experience on unsubscribing has been.To repeat: unsubscribing from Tutorial does NOT work, does NOT work, does NOT work!

  • A restriction allowing a single account to only make one tutorial every x hours would help this issue somewhat.

  • Increasing the rep requirement would make it take longer for new spam accounts to be made

  • I'd suggest making a tutorial on how to use spam filters in your own email client but, well you know...

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  • I'm so very f'ing tired of this spam for the tutorials. How do I get off this damn notification list for new tutorials? Are you ever going to do anything to resolve this?

  • Nervermind... saw the unsubscribe at the bottom of them. I hadn't opened them to look, but it was there... Ugh, this still needs to be resolved though. I like getting the notifications when they work.

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