Spam issue

  • Ethan quarantine the newbies , and then we question them why they are here and what there plans are..

  • I just created a topic in the "Completed Creations" sections (topic title: Scott in Space) which is shown in the latest posts display of this section but when I click the title, it says: "The requested topic does not exist". Furthermore, the topic is not listed among the others in the section overview.

    Is this spam related or an issue of its own?

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  • Tom no harm done. You don't needs to say sorry. Spammers ####### so and so

  • I was busy in the last days and didn't checked the Forum very often. But I recognized that I didn't get any mails regarding updates of Construct.

    Now I know why: It seems that Micorosoft Exchange Online Protection is banning Scirra Emails due to the spam issue. You should check if you are still on a blacklist or if it was only temporarily.

  • Sorry guys, cleared up!

    What did you do to fix it? I had a forum earlier with a similar issue, and we had to move the forum to another domain/IP altogether.

  • Gumshoe mainly a list of keywords which if posted auto bans you if you have < n posts and use > y keywords in your post. Don't want to go into too much detail but that's the most effective. Keywords are super specific, if a new spammer comes along I'll just add some more to the list.

    Also blocking URLS (even in plaintext) in the message body + subject help.

    And CAPTCHA on registration increases the cost to the spammers to sign up each time.

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