The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi, the name's Karlo and I'm a gameaholic.

    I'm relatively new to game development but I've been coding for quite some time now. I've stumbled upon Construct in my quest to find an easy to use program that can help me in making my experimental gameplay ideas come to life. So far, I'm loving it!

    I've signed up on this forum because I want to be a part of the community and help in the growth of Construct.

    Cheers to everyone!

  • Hiya, after bugging the forum members for answers to my numerous questions, I guess I should introduce myself

    I found Construct a few weeks ago thanks to Thomas Mahler a fellow character artist.

    I've always been interesting in creating my own game but never had a tool easy enough to work with that won't limit my vision as an artist... I found Construct and have been loving the ease of use and it's logical and human way it "constructs" code.

    I'm a fulltime professional Character artist by day and now a moonlighting Construct developer at night. Here's hoping I finally realize my vision.

    In addition, I currently run a growing game development blog titled "The Career Gamer" located in my sig.


  • Hi,

    I found Construct when I was seeking for a cracked version of Multimedia Fusion Hardware Accelerated (what a bad guy ). When I was a child I used to create small games on their first Game Factory edition then I... there is a blank in my memory so I suppose I grew up in a cryogenic device or something like that and here I am !

    Seriously I'm here because when I tried Construct I realized that it was much more user friendly than MMF, much more powerful, young and dynamic and much more free

    As you may have noticed I'm not an English speaker. I'm French. I've never eaten frogs.

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  • Hi guys,

    I stumbled upon construct by pure chance.

    I've always been into game design since the early 80's. Six years ago I gave everything up to chase my dream career, so I got a job in QA, after four years I got a designers position, dream come true.

    Until a few weeks ago when I was made redundant

    So now I am preparing some pitches to shop around or secure investment, and construct is an excellent tool for rapidly visualising prototypes.

  • Hello people of Scirra forums,

    Iceman walkin' up into this bitch

    I'm your average gamer I suppose, with the dream of creating a action rpg platformer game, I'd say most like Castlevania Symphony of the Night:

    That being said, I hope you all enjoy my company, I'll try my best to co-operate with the community.

    im out.

  • First post

    Hi people. I'm a frustrated gamer/coder since the days of the ZX Speccy and Amiga, and found out about this amazing program when looking for a solution to a problem I was having with Game Maker.

    Bye bye Game Maker, I'm afraid, as this just stomps all over it. I'm currently using the latest build and altough a little buggy, it is intuitive and allows you to get something up and running very, very quickly (big thanks to Deadeye and CrazyRobbie).

    Many, many thanks people, and I hope you continue to develop this amazing program.

  • Hi everyone !

    I'm Michael, 18 years old from Switzerland and I love video games since my youth. I create games since years (5 I think ?) and I just heard about Construct. I've seen videos on Youtube and I was amazed. The software looks amazing and it's a free open-source game creator

    I was creating games with the popular software "RPG Maker" before. Actually, I'm more into action/platformer RPG creations so I decided to move on MMF2 but after some tests I choosed Construct.

    My currents game projects are "Final Legacy" an [Action/RPG/Platformer that looks a bit like Castlevania Symphony of The Night, but also DEVIL MAY CRY] and "Dark Destiny" an [Action/RPG that can look like Tales of series (NAMCO), but also Star Ocean (SQUARE ENIX)]

    I hope I can finally release those games with Construct !

  • Hey all!

    Im an amateur coder, and games addict. Ive recently stumbled across Construct, and im suprised how easy I can make games and experiments using this tool. Currently im mostly interested in procedural games creation.

  • Hey all. I'm Dan. I'm 29 and I've been into games since the NES (I was like 5 or 6 when I got it).

    After playing Mario Bros. for the first time, I began to wonder how games worked. It was not long after I got the wild idea to be a games developer. Of course, I pretty much do it as a hobby, one I don't get to do all that much (sadly). I'd say I first cut my teeth on a C64 a friend gave me. BASIC was my first language (load *,8,1!)

    I got into Construct recently (2 days ago?) because a friend of mine had been sending me little demos and games he was messing with and so it piqued my interest.

    Some history about me. I'm a C++ developer mainly. I worked on the HeroEngine/Hero's Journey ( project for about 3.5 years. If you were at GDC 2006 or 2007 you may have met me in the Simutronics booth.

    Aside from that, I've made a few contributions to ClanLib ( I use ClanLib primarily when doing my own projects. Here's a screenshot of a level maker I wrote (sorry for the URL, the boards want to crop the image though).

    For ClanLib, I created an example that is distributed with the package. It's using the frame buffer to create a flashlight or lighting effect (this exists in Construct from what I've seen).

    The last thing I was working on after that map editor was network programming for games (RakNet mostly). So far, I've taken a good deal of interest in the PodSixNet demos by scidave and Python scripting in general (I did often worked with Lua prior, so I'm toying with Python now, which is fun).

    Thus far, my goal with Construct is to provide a network layer for a game my friend is making. Nothing fancy, we'd just like to kill monsters together.

    My day job is IT. Oddly, for a technician, I also do scripting and coding for my company's internal website and applications. So one day I build computers, the next day I'm writing database reports with PHP/AJAX/SQL.

    I'm married, have a daughter, and my second child should be here any day now I guess my real pride and joy is family.

    I'm also into cars (*sigh* I recently sold my GTO though).

    Thanks for listening all.

  • Hey everybody!

    I guess I got interested in gaming when my cousin would come to visit in the summers and he brought his NES. To this day I can't match him on Super Mario. I'm a big fan of cool software and free things. So you can imagine cool, free programs are pretty high on my list. As such I like to frequent and see what gems I can find. One hapless day a couple years ago I stumbled upon Construct and downloaded it because I thought the idea of making your own games was very cool. Game programming was something we didn't really touch on in my Computer Science classes and here was a free tool that did a great job of making game programming accessible.

    Since then life has edged out Construct and I haven't been on the forums for awhile. I graduated from college in the midwest and got an Engineering job about a year ago. I thought I would have more free time for this kind of thing after graduating. But between work and family (I have a little girl turning two in a couple months!) I don't really have much free time. Even so, I'm glad to be back on the forums! It looks like I have a lot to catch up on. It's good to see all the familiar faces, eh ... avatars. And it looks like we still have a great team of developers. I can't wait to try out the latest and greatest creation. (I'm especially excited about the inventory plugin.)

  • Well, one thing I hate is introduce yourself on forums, but since i have started posting so many questions i might aswell introduce myself cause im bored and cant sleep. I learned to program in mmf2, started about 2-3 years ago. And so far I am really enjoying construct because it can do so much and has directx. I am pretty okay with graphics, i was in art school when i was young and drunk. Im still drunk but a bit older, 24 currently. I have always played games, i am a bit of an addict for pc games. And i have a long history of creating games since i was a kid, i have probably more experience creating games on paper than on pcs. And thats about it. I live in Croatia, Zagreb. Hurray!

  • I suck at introductions, but whatever. Hey guys! I'm here because I can't learn AS3 or any scripting and/or programming language. I've tried quite a few game makers, but none seemed as good as Construct. It's also free. I'm what you may call a gamer, but since where I live everything's overpriced, most of my gaming experience comes from emulators and indie games. I like to call myself a pixel artist, but I'm not really good at pixel art. You can torture you eyes by looking at my PixelJoint gallery, but I haven't posted anything there in eons. So, uh, yeah. Hey guys.

  • Hello everyone I go by Ikonz101 and I am new to Construct and must say I am very impressed with this program for what it can achieve. I have messed around with Game Maker and MMF2 before and dropped both of them because of the "workarounds" you would have to do to achieve a simple task (especially MMF2). Other then that I am into retro gaming...mostly old school NES and independent gaming and chip tune music . I am looking forward to talking with the community and hoping to help other community members in the future (after I learn Construct a little more ).

    Take Care


  • Welcome all newgaiz.

    If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask. Everyone is generally pretty helpful here.


  • My name is Yarfapet (Yarf-a-pet, Yarfa-pet...either's correct). I'm probably one of thousands of people who got attracted to Construct by its price of "absolutely positively nothing."

    I'm a guy who's a been gaming for a while, and had the luck of owning the original Klik & Play back when he was 4. Most of my childhood was spent on a computer, and mainly with emulators. I wouldn't get back into the game making phase until MMF2, which lasted for a year before I switched to Construct.

    I kinda suck a drawing (More now than ever) and can't competently write in any "real" code to save my life, but I enjoy writing comedy scripts in my spare time and I love tinkering with stuff.

    I've actually have had an account here for a while, but never saw the reason to post anything. I felt now would be as good or time as any to start.

    I look forward to see what I can give and what I can learn.

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