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  • Hi all! I'm Vanja, and I like to draw and animate stuff.

    I also like pigs and cows and rats and pirates and cheese and such.

    <img src=""><img src="">

    My gaming career started in the mid 80s with a Philips G7000 (Odyssey2 to you overseas peoples)...yeah, I'm old. About a year later I got my first real computer, a Commodore 64, and eventually started messing around with graphics and programming and even some music. I've been wanting to make my own games ever since. Most of the games I started on were never finished because my programming skills aren't good enough.

    I found Construct a couple days ago when searching for windows based game makers and I love it so far. I'm hoping it'll enable me to make some of my old unfinished projects come to life, and once I've figured out how to use it properly, I'm planning to start on some new ones. Right now I'm working on a clich�d little sidescrolling space shooter, since I had some shooter graphics I made 11-12 years ago on the Amiga which were never used.

  • vanja, are the animated gifs your work?

  • vanja, are the animated gifs your work?

    Yes they are :)

  • awesome stuff

  • My gaming career started in the mid 80s with a Philips G7000 (Odyssey2 to you overseas peoples)...yeah, I'm old.

    To ease the pain a little, you're not the only old scirra user;)

    Welcome and I must say, I'm impressed with the artwork...!

  • Greetings everyone!

    I'm Zach. Simply put, I've been an enthusiast game-player since I was 8 years old. At first, I created board games out of cardboard for my brother and I to play--dangerous dungeon adventures, unexplored jungles, variations of Monopoly, Risk-style strategy games, and so on. I guess you could say I've always wanted to entertain. I enjoy the artistic side of creating games, mostly--the mechanics that propelled my games were always very practical in nature. I'd spend hours and hours drawing, sketching, and coloring the boards of my games, only to scrap them when I couldn't come up with what I had imagined on the technical side.

    When I thought about getting into designing video games, I was disheartened because of the complexity of some of the necessary coding language skills that I simply did not have--I read up on a few 'starter' tutorials, but I never pursued it any farther than a few .pdf's-worth of knowledge.

    Then I found Multimedia Fusion. It was great. Even though about 99% of my projects never got finished, I still managed to have a blast with every aspect of designing interactive media--conceptualizing the game, creating the art assets, and even the scripting process began to get easier to progress through. My final project for one of my college art classes was a game I created using MMF2.

    However, a few things bugged me about MMF2--mostly the fact that it was somewhat old and outdated, and never seemed to run well. I did a bit of digging and subsequently found out about Construct. The vigor to pursue my artistic visions has been renewed!

    I downloaded Construct last month. Hopefully, with the help of these forums, I'll create a finished project and get it some exposure--I can dream.

  • Hi there everyone!

    I am Tarik (hardly pronounced by a non-Turkish person ). I'm from Turkey as you can see. Using the nickname 'Tharky' for 3-4 years. I love creating new things. It doesn't matter what it is. I mean I love making games, composing music (yes I am a musician too), making films, drawing art, photoshop... etc.

    I'm using MMF since 2003. I thought it would be good to see a new game creating program like MMF and downloaded Construct. I LOVED Construct. But it has soo much bug. I would like to feedback a lot. But sometimes I even don't know why Construct crashed. It just crashes and I just restart it.

    Anyway, I really want to help, and learn to use this powerful engine. Best regards,


    [And sorry about my intermediate English ]

  • Hey you two. Tharky, your English is pretty good. It may not be 100% "perfect" but I do understand you completely, so it's good enough right?

    I know I've introduced myself once when I first joined but that was so long ago. So... here goes again. My name is Neozuki, but everyone calls me Neo for short. I, like Tharky, enjoy creating anything. Programming boring programs, useless signatures, improbable stories, etc. The list goes on. As for gaming, I will play anything. Anything, so consider me when you need a "quality assurance expert".

  • Hey,

    I'm Jeremy, no nicknames. I have been programming with VB for about six years, and i excel with the boring programs like databases and data manipulation. However, what i really want is to create pc games for a living, namely rpg's. I strongly feel that computer rpgs are pretty lame, especially given today's pc capabilities. But, everyone has to start somewhere, and from what i have seen of construct and python, this is the best place to start. In a matter of days, i have a game prototyped, working and am implementing the features that will set it apart from other games out there. Hopefully, it will make it to market. anyways, feel free to drop me a line.

  • Hello!

    I just noticed that I haven't posted anything here even though I'm a valuable asset for the community (Yes I love myself). But anyway's I'm a 17 (18 in a couple months) student from Finland who drinks a lot and always dreams about finishing a game in Construct . Now I'm gettin closer than ever to it but let's not get our hopes too high.

    I've been messing around with computers and consoles since I was a little little boy, I remember first console I tried was SNES and after that NES (My uncle had these both machines at the time and still has them, nowadays I own Xbox and Xbox360). Never got much into PlayStations (hate them) but then we got our first computer and been playing strategic games (RTS and Grand Scale games) and of course tycoons (my fav type of game in overall). It wasn't until ehmm 5 years ago that I tried KnP and well I liked it but I was so youung that I didn't really get over problems I had. Then I tried MMF2 and used it for few projects but then I stumbled upon a old forum posts of Consturct and just google'd it even though I was sure it was like dead project but it wasn't!

    So here I am messing around you guys and annoying bunch of people with my Seagull skills.

    • Sagal the Seagull, Kaww Kaww (thats the noise seagulls make!)

    EDIT Just noticed that everyone posts their first name so well mine is Jani

  • Hi there, Construct Community!

    I am a representant of the game making Group "Alpha Zerox H.Q." and have been part of a Project they made with MMF2. After we completed it after 1 Year of hard work I looked around for some alternatives and heard some very good stuff about Construct. So yeah, I downloaded the Construct Programm, tried some various stuff and was simply blown away of how easy it is to use and all these nice features it has!

    We soon after began work on our next project, you can check it here:

    I needed a little bit of help here and there and the Construct Community was so nice to help me with all my problems, so I thought that I'd hang around here for a bit.

    I live in germany and it has always been my dream to make video games.

    I'll see you people around!

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm Marcus, A.k.a Blackmack

    I'm fairly new in construct and even newer to these forums.

    I randomly stumbled over a graphics artists blog, which had a link to Construct a few weeks ago.

    My first game was, of course, a Ghost Shooter copy. That's how I learned the program, with some help from the platform school as well.

    I'm still very young, but I plan to become a graphics artist when I get older.

    My second game, I was very proud of. It was an adventure action-game called 'Magician'. I never published it and because I couldn't move on with it, I decided to let it go.

    Now I'm working on a Space Strategy Game. It's all very casual.

    I live in Denmark, I go to school and in my spare time I play Badminton, Draw, Design random Websites and of course "Do stuff" with Construct.

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  • Im the new guy.

    Im am here with both interests in possibly Scirra, bot additionally searching for an additional development project to join in on as 3d modeler or artist.

    I am currently active as the 3D Modeller for RollcageX (for about 2 years now) at Using mixed tools : 3D Studio, Fireworks, Occasionally XSI.

    I am a 3D Modeller, Vector Artist , and Manual (Mangaka) Artist , Digital. I am employed in the Web Design field ATM. I am also skilled in PHP and development.

    Some examples of my work:

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

  • Hi, my name is Daniel. I've been around here for a while but haven't really done many introductions. I'm into Fantasy/Sci. Fi. Movies and Books. I do have to admit that my favorite kind of style is anime/manga. I'm teaching myself the piano and am writing a book.(It probably won't be published...unfortunately.) Ask me any question and I will answer to the best of my ability!

  • Good evening, esteemed members of the board!

    I've been lurking around here for the last few days reading up on allsorts and thought it'd be a good idea to join and become absorbed in the warm, glowing light of the Construct community

    So where to start... well I'm 23, a student (but I did have a full time job for two and a half years before going to uni, so that should count for something!) and I suppose I've always been a bit of a game lover, as well as a creative type. So naturally, upon reading a little programming article in a 1995 issue of PC format, I became consumed by the idea that I could make games myself. This was taking into account the fact that I was about 9, and I'd previously found some kindof BASIC for the Atari ST a few years earlier and thought that by typing a detailed description of a game idea in English, it would magically make a game for me.

    Anyways, this article compared the usuals - C++, VB, Delphi etc etc... and Klik n Play got a mention at the end. There was a full page ad for it in there too, and the words 'NO PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED!' really stand out to a child... it wasn't until a few years later ('98, '99) that I actually got KnP and started knocking together little games to try and outdo one of my friends. A year or two later, I got onto DarkBASIC... and later DarkBASIC Pro, eventually moving onto PureBASIC and iBASIC, in which I started to make an OpenGL based hardware-accelerated 2d engine... I think it got to the point of having a TGA loader and a revolving MegaMan flying across the screen before that project got buried. A couple of years back I had a go at using Haaf's Game Engine with PureBASIC to make something but again lost interest...

    For a while after, I didn't touch programming and it seems that all the ideas I've had swimming round in my head would never come to fruition. After playing little games like Knytt, I've liked the idea of using something simple to create a simple little game, or maybe a few, that I wouldn't lose interest in so much. I've had a go at Game Maker, but got annoyed at the apparent complexity of some things and even more by the fact that I'd have to pay a second time to get access to the newest version. I looked into MMF2 this week and it seems great, it's just a long time since I've used the KnP style events system and still find myself thinking about variables and code when I'm trying to figure things out Plus it's also missing that hardware accelerated edge that makes 2d games really shine these days!

    I heard Construct mentioned in a discussion on the Nifflas forum (the guy who made Knytt) who was thinking of moving to something else from MMF2. Drawn in by the cool DX effects and open sourceyness, here I am, pondering what I might start making

    So yeah, that's pretty much it... I wouldn't call myself a coder, I can do basic stuff but never really got to any decent level with it, I can draw/get arty quite well, and because I'm a sound & video technology student I do an awful lot of professional-level video/sound/music work as part of my course. So any questions about any of that jazz, drop me a PM or something, but I'm looking forward to getting stuck into Construct, sorry for the near-life story, and hello everyone

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