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  • Hello~

    I'm krls, graphic designer that got into construct 2 via a job at some place where I HAD to learn it, and wich was a lot of fun! (I'm sorry flash, is not you, is me)

  • Hello forum! My name is a secret(no offense) but you may call me Viseper.

    I found out about construct via a 4-6 month search for a game designer that could run on the computers at my school. I originally used scratch but this is 100000000000000000 times better than scratch and I will continue to use construct for a long time to come.

    I loved to code and make games ever since I got a hold of a computer, and now look at me, I'm not the best neither all that good either but I am unique and I can't wait to take the next step and get the full edition($75 dollars to go) and make even better games. You better get ready for here I come!

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  • Hi guys,

    Im Daniel from Romania,

    i found out about COSNTRCUT from Google when i was searching for a way to creat apps with no coding skills

    i have no coding skills and i want to try to make an image rating app using COSNTRUCT

  • Hi everybody,

    I'm Lobi from Romania.

    I heard about Construct from a co-worker who is using it.

  • Hi!

    I am currently a senior in High School about to graduate and join the National Guard and become a full time student at A university. Throughout my High School years, I have taken a huge interest into coding and programing for the simple fact that it is peaceful and enjoyable. While I plan to make my major in Business, I still hope to one day make indie games and seek out many other opportunities available in my near future. Even though I have about 5 dollars in my bank account, I still try and find ways to learn how to code, make games, and put a lot of heart into my work for the simple fact that every good indie developer puts love into the games they create. For instance, Eric Barone, Toby Fox, and Markus Persson (before Mojang) all had one thing in common which was a passion for what they created. Because of them they really inspired me to act on my interests of maybe one day to become an indie creator as well, and that is what truly brought me to do my research and find construct to give me a tool to do such a thing.

  • Hello,

    My name is Lucas and I'm from Brazil, studying and learning about the gaming industry more in-depth, finally taking classes and working with what I like to do. So far, I had a lot of fun.

  • hi

  • Hello world!

  • salve a tutti sarebbe bello se abbassate il prezzo e prevedete più lingue

  • Hello. Jasmine Davis here. I'm from Fayetteville, North Carolina and have never made a game in my life. I'm a junior in high school and am never afraid to try something new.

  • Hi, my name is Zach. I heard about Construct 2 from I would definitely recommend checking that site out if you ever need help starting the process of making a game.

  • Hi guys, i'm new to construct and game development in general. Inspired by games like stardew valley, pokemon, and zelda. Theres also a really cool game im into called growtopia. Any help??

  • Hi bois.

    Starting my new job. Got my co-worker install this. Hope there will be fun.

  • hello who wants herbs!

  • I am Usama Hassan from Pakistan. And I am Software Engineer....

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