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  • Hola chicxtk@s


    Esto es un problema y me siento estafado. Necesito el .apk para publicar en android, pero ¡Sorpresa! no se te genera una vez lo exportas a cordoba (P*** vergueza) solo un .xdk.

    El caso es que intel XDK ya no vale. (Ni mirata)

    Phonegapp tampoco (te genera un archivo log que google no acepta)

    Cocoon se queda pillado y no puedo usar las opciones de google AdMob.

    ¿Cómo lo hago? Porque me he gastado los 100 pavazos para esta basura y no puedo publicarla como app en android.

    Alguien que tenga este mismo problema a día de HOY 24/04/2018?

    Muchas gracias.

    This section is just for introductions, not questions.

    If you have a question please post in either the C2 or C3 How Do I section, whichever is most relevant.

    Also, please be aware that when making general forum posts, the post must be in English or provide an English translation, as stipulated in the Forum Rules.

    Thank you.

  • Hello guys,

    I have a problem to submit my app to google mobile. The problem is:

    I need an .apk to submit it. But the only way is exporting to cordoba, but this gave me an .xdk.

    I try to use cocoon, but when I try to select the plugins, I can´t see any of them.

    Adobe Phonegapp is the same. Gave me .apk but google doesn't accept it.

    Intel XDK is impossible because Intel closes the application/program.

    Any solition for this problem?

    Because all videos are since 2017, and today is 04/2018.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hello

    I'm from Indonesia, self-tech on construct 2

  • first hello and thank you to scirra team.

    in 2016/11/5 im downloaded the construct 2 and I like it.

  • Hey all,

    I am Tejas Jasani, Founder-CEO, TheAppGuruz, a mobile gaming company with 500+ games and over 10 million players globally. Pioneer of game development ecosystem in Gujarat region

  • Здравствуйте!Я узнал о вашей программе с помощью YouTube! Мне она очень понравилась и я до сих пор пользуюсь ей!

  • Thank you Scirra

  • I download it but how is it use for me to create games. I don't know how to use this software.

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  • I download it but how is it use for me to create games. I don't know how to use this software.


    Do not make multiple posts asking the same question, especially in this section, which is only for introductions.

    If you need help, post a question in the How Do I section.

    Please ensure you read the manual and undertake a couple of the tutorials.

    There are also built-in examples and templates that you can learn from.

  • Hey, My name is Kai. I am transgender, and a big gaming nerd, mostly nintendo. I love all things gaming and even movies, I have always wanted to make a game on my own and my friend suggested looking into Construct! Love you all, Keep creating amazing things!

  • Hello,

    We are Tap Cube Games, starting fresh with HTML 5 games using construct 2

  • Hi there,

    I am from PaymentPring.

    Our powerful payment gateway is designed for software platforms, businesses, and nonprofits who want a solution as simple as it is secure. Are you ready to accept more?

  • oof italian guy with no exp

  • Hey I'm PKtora,

    I'm a graphic designer who recently got into game development for fun via the construct 3 engine. I'm working on a run n' gun platformer called Aquacat, and whole project is an excuse for me to get good at pixel art, lol.

  • Hello~

    I'm krls, graphic designer that got into construct 2 via a job at some place where I HAD to learn it, and wich was a lot of fun! (I'm sorry flash, is not you, is me)

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