The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • hello who wants herbs!

  • I am Usama Hassan from Pakistan. And I am Software Engineer....

  • Name is Mojoyup. Real name Jason I am new to Construct 2 latest release, and have been working on a new PC/Android game called DISSENT. It is currently going through alpha release events and testing, and will be released hopefully on track within a few months as a single map survival test on Steam or .io sites etc.

    This is a hobby for me, but I have worked in graphic design in the past, and art is a nature of mine[talent] so I use it for personal therapy. What better way to do so then make it fun!?

    I have a discord server for the game, yet newcomers are to be given access, though very soon! I have given Staff permission to share server information for joining so Ill see where that goes.

    Hopeful to become a great asset to the gaming community over time. Any questions or comments, feel free

  • Here I am to introduce myself.

    I am Aditya from India. Just joined this group.

    Btw Nice to meet you all.

  • Hallo zusammen,

    Ich bin Egyptra aus Hurghada, Ägypten. Freut mich, diesem Forum beizutreten.

  • Hello, I like badges.

  • Hi i use construct 2 for school

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  • I live in San Antonio, Texas and I found out by playing tag on the website

  • thanx for reading

  • Eh yoo!

    Nauth le Roy, just got the program to see what an artist can do with it... cause waiting for a programer to work with me has done me any good in the past years, too complicated to coodinate people.

    So going to try this whole programing thing myself!

  • Hi.I am new to this site and think it is an entertaining site. Please show me around on a tutorial.

  • Hello my name is liam moore and i got this game maker cause i was looking to make games for google play i hope

    i can make some good games with this

  • Hello, Our company is JACQUI GODDESS PRODUCTIONS.

    "Tales From A 7 City Empire"

    We are developing a video game based on our podcast. Hope that all find an interest. Thank you.

    Glad to be here.

  • I'm chen

    Learning game development and game design

  • Hello I am DekuRes and I am a young person hoping to grow into the game business. I know it is a hard road to go on but I hope that my first steps will be at least meaningful!

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