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  • Hello everyone!

    when I joined the forum I didn't really say hello or introduce myself. I'm also not sure if this channel is still being read, but why not share a bit of information about myself for those who might be interested... :)

    My name is Nils Henning. I'm from Hamburg, Germany and started working in the games industry in august 2010, at a company called Bigpoint.

    Today I am still there, working as a senior 3D generalist, currently on a new mobile game called WeFarm.

    My experience is mostly in 3DS Max and Photoshop, Flash, Unity3D and some basic stuff in Zbrush, 3D Coat etc..

    The reason I'm here is because my passion for creating games got me into scripting as a hobby so I tought myself Macromedia Director and Lingo (when shockwave was a thing years ago) to start and develop some simple horizontal space shooter and a poker game, just for the fun of it..

    Since I'm also passionate about playing the guitar I decided to create a learning App. (Basically a fretboard notes trainer with a game mode for CAGED scale degrees) Because none of the apps out there fully meet my requirements and some of the concepts I have in mind don't even exist. (They're probably quite specific, but hey..) That's when I started researching 2D game engines and came across Construct 3, which I found incredibly comfortable to pick up, and enjoy using a lot!

    I'm happy to see there is a nice community here, helping each other out, and I'm looking forward to learning more about the specifics of Construct to be able and contribute and help as well... Thank you and Happy Constructing, everyone! ;)

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  • Hello everyone!

    I'm also not sure if this channel is still being read

    Yes it is ;)

  • Hi Everyone

    I just got C3 and been having a good time figuring things out.

    No background in games industry, apart from nigh 30 years of experience playing them :)

  • Hello Everyone,

    We are KryptoPixel and we use C3 on our projects.

  • Abdalghani using construct since 2014

  • Thx for post

  • I am an idiot who is trying to make a game without any type of experience.

    Hi, Im Bito, and im new here, I recently discovered construc 2 after trying to learn.. and fail to learn Unity, it was too complicated for my smooth brain, and Construc 2 has been just what I needed, simpler stuff with less code.

    Im working on a project called "A World In Pain", I want it to be a Top Down Turn-Based RPG in the style of ff/Pokemon, right now I just got the character working after multiple attempts, and am Very proud of it.

    Im doing everything (except Tiles), by hand, this includes enemies, allies, items and others, so its gonna be a long journey, here, have a sample of the ,main character Gloom

    I am sure I am gonna like it, alredy do, hope yall are having a nice day, see ya

  • lol im here from C1 lol ;p

  • Hello everyone! I am an AWESOME Ninja! That was probably the cringiest thing you've ever read lol.

    Anyways, I have been here since October 29, 2020 and the first 7 games I made all suck. Like, seriously, don't play those. Anyways, I'm just here once again making games because I enjoy it! That's pretty much it. Thanks for reading lol. :)

  • Heyo, I'm Internet Peasent! The idea of making your own levels in games always intrigued and excited me, and that eventually led to wanting to make my own entire games. I started out with other platforms like scratch and GameMaker studio, but then I stumbled upon Construct 3. I tried it out, and it was a hit with me, not exactly being fond of line-based coding. Anyways, I hope I can grow and learn with this platform!

  • I took the same route! I once used Phaser JS Gaming Framework, but found that it takes far too long to develop anything. In Construct, I'm able to quickly develop my gaming ideas and test them.

  • Hello, everyone. Glad to join the community, hope, it'll be a lot of plesure)

  • Once you begin to create original artwork. You might consider selling it at:

  • Hello, new here.

  • Hey everyone. Figured I may as well make my first first post by introducing myself. Just got a year subscription to C3 and have to say the experience has been fairly nice.

    I'm a long time Clickteam Fusion user. About 6 years on and off. Being a full time parent and working full time doesn't always allow me the time I would like to have for game development, so I wouldn't consider myself a master in it.

    I was on the fence about getting the subscription only because I wasn't sure how much different C3 would be compared to what I've been using up to this point but so far, I'm really impressed. Getting into C3 was pretty painless only because the programs are so similar with being event driven, but I have to say Constructs overall feel is more organized to be honest. I have to say I absolutely love the layouts for building levels in. No more using arrays to build levels and loading back in like I was in Fusion. Just build it and go with Construct.

    It's still early in my subscription so we'll see how the next year goes, but so far I'm good.

    Well anyhow, hello to everyone!

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