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  • Hello!

    My name is Arnaldo and I'm a brazilian Game Developer. I work since 2010 building games. Since then I worked with Unity developing games for Android, iOS, WebGL and desktop applications. My first challenge will be develop a Chatterbot in Construct 2 to export it to HTML5, any tips is welcome

    My best regards,


  • Hey, my name is Tom! I've always enjoyed platforming and couch multiplayer games. I got really into Minecraft a little while ago (errr... years ago -- time goes by so fast ), so I started getting enthusiastic about building things... I love the idea of creating my ideas on a computer, it's just something that rings well with me. I read at first a single Construct 2 tutorial like... Months ago? Anyway, I had computer issues, but before that I experimented around and loved how easy, simple and powerful this game engine is. I came back just yesterday, this time reading like 5 different tutorials, and I loved it. I got all sorts of new information and answer to my questions, and now I'd love to make some cool (but simple, to start) games and maybe toss them in the Arcade. I'm also very technical-minded (if I put in the effort I'm pretty sure I could be a good programmer, and I am in a college Computer Science program) so I'd love to help give advice for anyone's budding game. I look forward to it!

  • Hi I'm new to this forum and I like to create game by using construct 2. I hope I enjoy the ride. Thank you

  • Hi there scirra, I am InstallsGoogle , I don't really make games, I own a advertising platform for people who game apps for android so people can buy 'installs' for their app to increase their rankings

  • Oi

    Chamo-me Joao e tenho 15 anos. Sou de Portugal.

    Gostava de criar um jogo de design 3d, de casas e decoracao interior e exterior.

    Gostava de fazer isso por gosto.

  • Hello guys, wish me luck

  • Hello world!

    My first game with Construct 2 should be available this week, so I finally decided to write on forum.

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  • why hello

  • Hi guys, I'm a brazilian student of computer engineering and artist on my free time. I'm here as a hobby. =)

  • Kia ora - I'm a teacher from New Zealand introduced to SCIRRA by a couple of keen students. I'm here to 'have a go!'

  • Hi, guys!

    I've decided to take a sneak peek at Construct just to understand the alternative to Unity, GameMaker and similar engines.


  • Mod test - ignore

  • Hi to all I'm new here and try to learn more about html5 games.I'm online games admin of 5 websites.

  • hi, im new in construct. can everyone give me tutor for create game with this app easly?. sory for bad english

  • Hello

    This is Rithvik Podduturi, Founder and CEO of OpenHardwareDays. I created interest on Construct 2. I'm happy to be here

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