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  • Hello

    This is Rithvik Podduturi, Founder and CEO of OpenHardwareDays. I created interest on Construct 2. I'm happy to be here

  • Hi everyone...

    I'm a high school student who makes games as a hobby.

    I started coding and game development when I was 12.

    That's all, I guess.

  • Hi! I'm quite new and and want to know how hard it is.

  • Hi everyone!

    I like to create stories with interactive experiences, games help me doing this.

    I enjoy dystopian stories and science fiction, the games I make are oriented this way.

    I'm more a creative person than a devloper, I'm talking about design cause my pixel skills are too low.

    I want to use construct 2 to make games that will improve people's minds.

    How hard can it be?

  • Being messing about with Java for a while trying to make games as a hobby and just recently discovered Construct 2, what a slap in the face it was to see how easy it was, what used to take me a whole week to do with Java I can do now in less than an hour And so it begins.......

  • You may call me Zolarius, I live in Washington state (US) and run a small delivery service of household goods. I have been attempting to create a profitable game for many, many, years and have not yet succeeded. I am hoping that this platform will provide the tools necessary for that purpose. I have tried other platforms like Klik & Play, The Games Factory both of which were the Grandfather & Father of Fusion 2.0. Also, Dark Basic Pro and the newer AGK 2.0 by The Games Creators of the UK. So far I keep running into coding problems. Can't seem to make a complete game in these other languages work correctly.

  • il mio nik e ioco sono venuto a conoscenza senza nessuna pubblicità o altro mi sono svegliato e volevo creare un app game non vedo l ora di iniziare!

  • Sou Eddie Santos, sou de Minas Gerais, estou começando com desenvolvimento, sou iniciante, ouvi sobre o Construct 2 por videos no youtube.

  • Sup I like gaming and I'm a youtuber the channels name is:Tiny Gamer 2.0 and this website is good so far

  • Me chamo Tiago. Sou Brasileiro e tenho um amor platônico por jogos virtuais e cardgames.

    Comecei a desenvolver jogos recentemente graças a dois amigos me convidaram para fazer parte de um grupo chamado Planet Collision.

    Gosto muito de jogos estilo RPG e Terror.

    Minha atividade favorita alem de jogar video-game é escrever roteiros para jogos que gostaria de fazer.

  • Qualquer dica e macetes, se for possível por gentileza podem me enviar.

    Ficarei grato. E se possível ficarei contente em ajudar.

  • planetacolision

    This section of the forum is just for introductions. If you have any questions, please post in the correct section, which is generally the Construct 2 'How Do I' section.

    Also, please ensure ALL posts are either in English or provide an English translation.

  • My name is Tiago. I'm Brazilian and I have a platonic love for virtual games and cardgames.

    I started to develop games recently thanks to two friends invited me to join a group called Planet Collision.

    I really like RPG and Terror style games.

    My favorite activity besides playing video games is writing scripts for games that you would like to do.

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  • I am Jishnu. I am fun

  • ]I'm Annette Li, I'm from the U.S.A. and I heard about Construct 2 one day when I was searching for game making websites and I found this app.

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