The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi everyone, I'm brand new to Construct 2 and really excited about making a game. I imagine that the hardest part for me will be making the artwork, but let's see just how good I can get.

  • Hi! I'm an eighth grade math teacher in South Carolina. I currently teach pre-algebra and Algebra 1. I am working on a grad assignment to redesign a gaming course for a Masters program.

  • Hello Everyone!

  • Saludos desde España,

    Ahora mismo conociendo esta plataforma. Quizá desarrolle algo hacia Learning Games. Puede que me inicie en la programación de juegos con Construct2. Ahora mismo no sé si será rentable para mí.

  • Hello, I am GambitGore , the trickster and fool of hearts. I am also a DIGM student currently in learning. My art style leans heavily towards anime, weapon design, pixel art, and character concept art. I worked for a game company before called Eurocenter Games as a GFX and Pixel artist during my reign as a community guild leader for an art guild in 2010 - 2012. I hope to learn more in making RPG styled and Platform games in Construct 2 so I'll be in your care everyone! ^^

  • Hello, I'm looking to develop platformer games and use pixel art.

  • Hello, I was introduced about Construct2 by a game developer. I was keen about making games so he told me about Construct2. He said it would be a great start. I am thinking of making a plat former game.

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  • Hi there. I just started devoloping and I have no idea what am I doing.

    Oh and sorry for my English, It's bad just as my coding skills.

  • I am from India , a game developer.

    I am literally here in search for an answer to my problem.

  • I am from Indonesia, I choose game development for my passion.

    I am literally here in search for an answer to my problem.

    Thank You

  • Heyo

    My name is Quinn and I want game development to be my career. I've had Construct for about a year now and boy has it been a ride. I have never interacted with the forums until now so I thought this would be a good place to start.

    I must have looked for a 2D game engine for about 6 months. Construct 2 was one of the first things I came across, and I am so happy I decided to use it over the many other great engines. In my time using it I haven't published or finished a single project, but here are 2 of the ones I have worked the most on:

    An audio spectrum visualizer, to my knowledge it is the first one ever made in Construct:

    A game inspired heavily by !PANIC!, one of the most popular games on Scirra Arcade:

    I know it looks just like it but it is different I swear

    Anyway, hello Construct forums! I hope to be of help to newer people than me here, I know I've only used it for a year, but I have a whole lot of useful knowledge to give.

    Thank you lovely people at Scirra

  • Hey peeps,

    I'm from Australia, getting out of the web development scene, and trying my hand at game design.

  • Hey, I found this app online because I was looking for fun apps that could help me with programming. I found this app and I thought it was really cool so I decided to download it.

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