The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi, i'm new to Construct and to programming in general, but i want to learn.

  • Hi! I'm Frisbee, (10/10 -ign name) and i'm a guy from Canada who wants to start making free games to upload to steam. I was looking at some game making software and found Construct 2, and it looked easy to use, so I decided to give it a try! I am currently using the free edition, but I am thinking about buying the Personal Licence if I get into making games with this program. Anyway, that's about it for me, so i'm gonna go install this program and get started! Bye!!

  • Hello Baboon Apps is here on Construct 2. Cant wait to get our hands dirty with Construct 2

    Off to the next stage !!! Cheers from the Baboon Apps

  • Application software developer (web-developer) from Ukraine

    Construct 2 link is here -


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  • Hello,

    My name is Juan Manuel and I'm from Colombia.

    I hope to become an indi game developer.

    Saludos a todos!!

  • Heya guys! It's a me,NicoBros!

    I'm just a 14 years kid who likes to progamming games, sprite animations and other things. I know some advanced progamming, but I'm always busy so I prefer making a game with no coding. I loved Construct 1 and 2. And now, Jonas and the Elemental Pendant is on progress. Yaay!

    Fun fact: I'm Brazilian, and my English Is horrible.

    See ya!

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  • Hi my name is Olivia and i'm currently learning game program and design In high school

  • Hello all,

    Im from indonesia, and im trying to learn construct 2, hope that we can learn and sharing together in this forum.

    Nice to know you all...

  • Хай

  • Hi guys,

    I am approaching scirra to develop some kick-ass games with a couple of friends.

    Looking forward to get some hint&feedback



  • my name is nami. i am 7 years. i love game so much. thank u

  • Hello , i like test a tools to program a videogames, i have many tools, and Construct 2 is great tool, i like

  • Hey guys hello here from Iowa. I heard about Construct 2 from people changing app skins on Fiverr. I can not wait to start my first project.

  • I downloaded Construct 2 a week or two ago and I'm working on developing mechanics for a Mario-style game using assets from Kenny Vleugels. I have some experience using Unity and Scratch and am finding Construct 2 very easy to use in some regards, but a lot of functions get lost in the menus.

  • Hello my name is kholis

    i'm from indonesia,

    last year i'm officialy graduated from university as a bachelor of computer science

    now i'm managing 2 website, here one of it

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