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  • Hi! I Vinaigrette. Two months ago I discovered Construct 2. Made the first game

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm Fernando, and I'm trying to make a game with construct 2.


  • i am cool

  • yoooooo

  • Hello world !

    I'm an animator and I start to make games with Construct2

    You can check my progress by following me on Twitter or my blog :


  • I've been ask to compare this platform to another for potential use at our school.

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  • Hi,my name is Davide i'm from Sardegna, Italy,24 years old.

    I remember when i was a kid me and my brother playing on a sega master system and it was amazing at that time.

    Since that i've played thousand games, my favourite console is Nintendo64 (Banjo Kazooie is my favourite game).

    But i love all type of games like monkey island series , battlecity(tank),mario bros .. but i dont want to bore you.

    I want to practice my game developement skills ,in a first time i've tried to make 3d games with Unity and Unreal Engine 4 but it was too had for me ,so i've changed my mind and get back in 2D ,i've searched for a software that allow me to make that more easily and i found Construct2 very interesting .

    I hope this is a good way to start making my own videogame!

    I'm really happy to be in this forum,thanks. See ya!

  • Hi All--

    I'm a middle school teacher and life long gamer just playing around with a new hobby. I've made a few failed game attempts and I'm excited to play around more. My twitter is MinkDingus feel free to check it out.


  • Hey! My name is Mateus Sales, and i'm graphic design student, discoverying the game development world

  • Hi All,

    i'm Rakowu, developer and proud member of ZRGames. I develop with construct2 and use it for Game jams. I work as digital media designer basically for homepages, but I try to use my Javascript knowledge for game developing. There be much more people who will be much better than me and it's ok. I like game development and hope to work one day as full-time Gamedeveloper.

    Here one of my Jam games: ... shift-7040

    If you have any question let me know I'll try to help.

    kind regards,


  • Hi my name is Jose I'm 25 years old and was introduced to this software in college (Video Game Design & Development). I'm trying to simultaneously learn this and Unity. Obviously this is easier for 2D games. What I would like to get out of Construct is to make my own clones of 2D games out there already to really learn how those games are made. For example I'd like to recreate Pacman and Megaman. I'm going to start off by doing the tutorials.

  • .

  • Hello everyone!

  • Hi. My name is Paweł, and i am from Poland. I was born in 1982. I graduade an informatic school. Also i am a homely artist. I make music, and i can play with graphics on computer. I really want to make games - it's my wish... Prapobly i will try to make a platform games. Greetings.

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