The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello, I´m a student of videogame development, I´m new with this engine but I have some knoledge and experience with programming, I want to learn a lot and be able to do some games with this software.

  • Hi there, my name is adrien estevez, i know basic of javascript, but im really bad at graphic lol.

    I wanna make a real time strategy in 2D.

    I know construct2 from a friend.

  • Hi all,

    After years of using the AGS engine for making classic adventure games, I wanted to try an engine that is suitable for making a proper side-scrolling platformer game.

    Well, C2 haven't let me down yet

    I'm currently working on a Space Quest platformer.

    Here's a small video of some death situations you can stumble upon while playing the game:



  • I'm Nick from Dumbfounded Games!

  • Hello I wanna start using construct2 and I'm sure this forum will be very useful

  • Helo,Guys!

    I'm a graphic art's student from Brazil,24 old.Nice to meet you!

    Heard about Construct a nice years ago when i decided to try

    harder on making my own games,but in that time i decided to work

    with another engine.Years have passed,and now i'm here decided to learn

    about Construct 2 who seens to be a nice (and eye pleasing) engine.

    I Love Pixel Art and retro style games.

    Hope to overcome all the time problems and so to learn more about game making!

    Thank you all

  • Hi there.

    I'm a new game designer who is doing the Ludum Dare for the for the first time. I'm here just to see what i can do. So, I see you there.

  • Hello

    Newb here lol. Been working in Unity 3D for a few months and wanna try Construct for a Metroidvania style game.

  • Hello Everyone I am A person

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  • Hi I'm Jhon smith from Nevada

  • Hello,

    My name is Kyle Main, I come from a life of creating interactive multimedia for eLearning for fortune 500 companies.

    13 years ago, I created 4 Flash games for Dow AgroSciences and added questions. The eLearning industry now calls that Gamification.

    I love Flash, but Construct 2 looks awesome, now that Flash is not as alive as it was in the past. Now called Animate from Adobe, I think it is still a tool I would use to create my own game assets and sprite sheets.

    Does anyone else use Flash and Construct 2? Does anyone use Construct 2 to create E-Learning Games?


    Kyle G. Main

  • Hey there everyone! I come from a programming background, but in hopes that Scirra will speed development time for any 2d games I wish to develop.

  • Hi everyone. My name is Walder and I'm from the Dominican Republic. I love programming and I am studying software engineering. I hope to learn how to create great games with this aplicción.

  • Dear Everyone who is bothered reading this,

    Hi, I come from New Zealand and I am turning 13. I learnt about Construct 2 from my dad, my school and friends. I enjoy making games for friends and family to play and I hope to learn more about the various features in Construct 2 so I can create even more exciting and interesting games. So far I have only created one simple game which I hope to post on this website.

    Sincerely JTMASTER

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