The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • I'm Nick from Dumbfounded Games!

  • Hello I wanna start using construct2 and I'm sure this forum will be very useful

  • Helo,Guys!

    I'm a graphic art's student from Brazil,24 old.Nice to meet you!

    Heard about Construct a nice years ago when i decided to try

    harder on making my own games,but in that time i decided to work

    with another engine.Years have passed,and now i'm here decided to learn

    about Construct 2 who seens to be a nice (and eye pleasing) engine.

    I Love Pixel Art and retro style games.

    Hope to overcome all the time problems and so to learn more about game making!

    Thank you all

  • Hi there.

    I'm a new game designer who is doing the Ludum Dare for the for the first time. I'm here just to see what i can do. So, I see you there.

  • Hello

    Newb here lol. Been working in Unity 3D for a few months and wanna try Construct for a Metroidvania style game.

  • Hello Everyone I am A person

  • Hi I'm Jhon smith from Nevada

  • Hello,

    My name is Kyle Main, I come from a life of creating interactive multimedia for eLearning for fortune 500 companies.

    13 years ago, I created 4 Flash games for Dow AgroSciences and added questions. The eLearning industry now calls that Gamification.

    I love Flash, but Construct 2 looks awesome, now that Flash is not as alive as it was in the past. Now called Animate from Adobe, I think it is still a tool I would use to create my own game assets and sprite sheets.

    Does anyone else use Flash and Construct 2? Does anyone use Construct 2 to create E-Learning Games?


    Kyle G. Main

  • Hey there everyone! I come from a programming background, but in hopes that Scirra will speed development time for any 2d games I wish to develop.

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  • Hi everyone. My name is Walder and I'm from the Dominican Republic. I love programming and I am studying software engineering. I hope to learn how to create great games with this aplicción.

  • Dear Everyone who is bothered reading this,

    Hi, I come from New Zealand and I am turning 13. I learnt about Construct 2 from my dad, my school and friends. I enjoy making games for friends and family to play and I hope to learn more about the various features in Construct 2 so I can create even more exciting and interesting games. So far I have only created one simple game which I hope to post on this website.

    Sincerely JTMASTER

  • Hello reader,

    for now you can call me Michii I hope can come to your expectations and enjoy my games.

    Thank you for your time - Michii.

  • Hi everyone Raidenware here! Interested in casual games, publishing to Android and online and learning what can be done with Construct2! Hello to you all!

  • Just realised I never actually introduced myself! I'm Mike, I've been using C2 for two years now. I'm making a platformer called Down To Earth about an alien who crash-lands his ship in an Earth city and has to work out how to leave. This website has been invaluable in figuring out some of my problems along the way and I hope I can help other people who are just starting out

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