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  • Hi All,

    i'm Rakowu, developer and proud member of ZRGames. I develop with construct2 and use it for Game jams. I work as digital media designer basically for homepages, but I try to use my Javascript knowledge for game developing. There be much more people who will be much better than me and it's ok. I like game development and hope to work one day as full-time Gamedeveloper.

    Here one of my Jam games: ... shift-7040

    If you have any question let me know I'll try to help.

    kind regards,


  • Hi my name is Jose I'm 25 years old and was introduced to this software in college (Video Game Design & Development). I'm trying to simultaneously learn this and Unity. Obviously this is easier for 2D games. What I would like to get out of Construct is to make my own clones of 2D games out there already to really learn how those games are made. For example I'd like to recreate Pacman and Megaman. I'm going to start off by doing the tutorials.

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  • Hello,

    My name is KucingBudhug, and I work as 2D artist (mostly pixel art). I joined the community because I want to share my works, game assets especially, and I hope they can be useful to the community.

    Thank you

  • Hello everyone!

  • Hi. My name is Paweł, and i am from Poland. I was born in 1982. I graduade an informatic school. Also i am a homely artist. I make music, and i can play with graphics on computer. I really want to make games - it's my wish... Prapobly i will try to make a platform games. Greetings.

  • meow I game

  • I'm Gabby and I made a character. I thought, this character is cool, I should make a couple more of them and they should have their own game! Original character was scrapped. Now I have all these new cat characters that I hope I can incorporate into a game. :b

  • im from the US and my fried showed me

  • Hi i am hype queen and i love music and videos games

  • Hello guys, i've just get reall interested in game development. I've always loved gaming(since my childhood), and with a few motivation factors (like the documentarie about indie games on netflix haha), now been a ADS student already developed a few things in my previous interneeshipment i'm ready for some game programing and need to start somewhere to get some idead of what it is. I already know a few things , cause i got some game developer friends ,but, not enough for that mission so i am the new guy haha.

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  • Hi, I'm PBX.

  • I am giving in to test out the engine. I played around with it a year or so ago. But it looks like it really has developed.

  • HypeQueen

    Hi i am hype queen and i love music and videos games

    I have deleted your spammy and unhelpful posts. If you continue to make such posts then you wil be banned.

    Responding to 'How Do I' requests with 'just Google it' is not helpful in any way.

    Please stop this behaviour and try and be a polite, useful member of this forum.

  • Hello everybody! I´m DebaJr, from Brazil!

    I´m pretty much starting to learn about game development with the aid of 'Produção de Jogos', who gave the suggestion to use Construct 2 for a start!

    Excited to finally going down the road I always wanted to go!


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