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  • Hello everybody! I´m DebaJr, from Brazil!

    I´m pretty much starting to learn about game development with the aid of 'Produção de Jogos', who gave the suggestion to use Construct 2 for a start!

    Excited to finally going down the road I always wanted to go!


  • HypeQueen

    > Hi i am hype queen and i love music and videos games


    I have deleted your spammy and unhelpful posts. If you continue to make such posts then you wil be banned.

    Responding to 'How Do I' requests with 'just Google it' is not helpful in any way.

    Please stop this behaviour and try and be a polite, useful member of this forum.

    I wont tryna be rude but ok

  • Hey, guys. I'm Merlandese!

    I've been lurking here and working with C2 for over a year now. I've already made a couple of posts (like, two) and figured I'm well overdue to say hello!




    I'm developing my next thing with C2, and it's been really great. My expertise is in RPG Maker XP (I worked on To the Moon, Last Word, Rakuen, Social Caterpillar, etc.) so it's been intense learning an engine much more powerful.

    I pop on now and again to search for answers to questions I have, and usually I find them, which is why I don't post much--any threads I'd normally make are often answered elsewhere.

    I'm a traveler of sorts. I'm from the US but I'm currently in Sao Paulo, Brazil, settling a bit to develop more intensely. If anyone wants to chat or grab a drink and they live in the area, hit me up!

    Thanks, Ashley + co. for the cool engine!

  • hey, i'm Etor from Canada.

    i like video games especially SKYRIM

    Since video games are my interest, why not try to develop them without the hassle of programming which

    can take a long time and be overwhelming most of the time?

  • Hello everyone. I am jacob . new to this group . Thank you.

  • Greetings everybody! ThePenguinEmporium here!

    My current project right now is Nortathon. You can check out the game pre-alpha in the arcade and the IndieDB page at

    Big things are in store, but first let's eat some non-wall-chicken.

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  • Hey, guys! I just joined today to post a game that my group and I made for a class. Loved it so much, I might start to do it more/expand on the one that we made.

    Here's the game we made:

  • My name's Roylán Maceo; i like make games but maybe have'nt the correct tools to make it. Have 24 years, time ago

    used Mediator, but lastest bring me conflicts, just search news worlds to explore, also Mediator don't create interfaces that uses the network; i'am from Cuba, wrote in english because want to be part of you. Nothing more, thanks. Just waiting answers

  • Hi everyone,i'm new to this program

  • Hello World!

    I am new to game design and development. Looking forward to learning and developing games for the financial space. Help you quicken my learning curve!

  • I am from NZ and I herd about this through school

  • I am a youtuber who wants to make games.

    i learnt about it via game academy

  • Hi, I'm game designer!

    I love construct 2 because I hate coding

  • I have an idea. I have a plan. And best of all i have construct 2

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