The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • hello gamers! and developers! hoping to grow my skills into developing games soon.

  • Hello Guys,

    Tanmay here, hoping to make some awesome games with Construct 2

  • my name is aaron and i made a few games but they are on powerpoint

  • Hello! I am a thirteen-year-old male and I am a gamer as well as a game developer and a YouTuber. I am looking forward to using Scirra's Construct 2 to help me develop some RPGs that could be easier made there than on Scratch.

  • I heard of construct two is an app for create games

  • hi

  • Well...

    I just realized that i never made my introduction on this part of the forum even though ive been lurking them for about a year now XD

    My Name Is Sebastian from Colombia, i'm 23 years old and a DIY enthusiast!

    i like making my own gadgets and computer hardware from scratch and have only done coding for Microcontrollers so i'm not very good at it.

    a year ago i decided i was going to start getting into game developement as i have always wanted. bought a C2 personal copy, made a super poorly optimized RTS game engine (which i lost to my last HDD burning out) and quit due to work and school time constraints; but now i'm back and looking for a learning partner who is not versed in C2 but is eager to learn! so that we can learn from each others mistakes and make projects together or challenge each other!



  • I or a child from Brazil and I'm putting English on account of a browser translator.

  • Hi Hi! I'm from Brazil and love 2d games. Really looking up for this platform!! Contact me for anything, i'm interested on any works with the engine!!

  • Hello all! I am new here. I got experience with games before I might help with some struggling,

  • Hello Everyone.

    This is my Company profile of a one man army, plugin/asset creator.

    I'll be using my time on developing and publishing Script plugins!


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  • Hey Guys And Gals! Its Me, ZeCopyCat, Ready to impress you with some games!

  • I heard about Construct 2 after I was told it was better than GMX. I'm from texas, and while I fully intend on finishing the games I already have in development for GMX, Construct is definitely my new go to the 2d game engine.

  • Hi Folk - old lady, interested in game-based learning and what is HOT and fun in the game building world. Also finding great things for my own girls to make and learn. Run a CoderDojo at our school and our members are right into Scratch at the minute but introducing Construct 2 as a choice will blow them away.

    PS Saw it first on the Tech Tool Tourney

  • Hi there!

    I'm absolutely novice in game design but wanna be master.

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