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  • hi

  • Well...

    I just realized that i never made my introduction on this part of the forum even though ive been lurking them for about a year now XD

    My Name Is Sebastian from Colombia, i'm 23 years old and a DIY enthusiast!

    i like making my own gadgets and computer hardware from scratch and have only done coding for Microcontrollers so i'm not very good at it.

    a year ago i decided i was going to start getting into game developement as i have always wanted. bought a C2 personal copy, made a super poorly optimized RTS game engine (which i lost to my last HDD burning out) and quit due to work and school time constraints; but now i'm back and looking for a learning partner who is not versed in C2 but is eager to learn! so that we can learn from each others mistakes and make projects together or challenge each other!



  • I or a child from Brazil and I'm putting English on account of a browser translator.

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  • Hi Hi! I'm from Brazil and love 2d games. Really looking up for this platform!! Contact me for anything, i'm interested on any works with the engine!!

  • Hello all! I am new here. I got experience with games before I might help with some struggling,

  • Hello Everyone.

    This is my Company profile of a one man army, plugin/asset creator.

    I'll be using my time on developing and publishing Script plugins!


  • Hey Guys And Gals! Its Me, ZeCopyCat, Ready to impress you with some games!

  • I heard about Construct 2 after I was told it was better than GMX. I'm from texas, and while I fully intend on finishing the games I already have in development for GMX, Construct is definitely my new go to the 2d game engine.

  • Hi Folk - old lady, interested in game-based learning and what is HOT and fun in the game building world. Also finding great things for my own girls to make and learn. Run a CoderDojo at our school and our members are right into Scratch at the minute but introducing Construct 2 as a choice will blow them away.

    PS Saw it first on the Tech Tool Tourney

  • Hi there!

    I'm absolutely novice in game design but wanna be master.

  • HI im new

  • Hi I am Tessaxena

    I love cats,The Hunger Games and I have arachnophobia (the phobia of spiders)

    I am on the app Seeds Pro as Catnerd_2004

  • hi i'm new and excited to learn how to do this you can call me adub

  • Hello everyone. It's nice to have finally joined the board. I've been using Construct Classic since early 2015 but haven't got around to joining the website. Hope we can all be friends here!

  • Hey I'm GameDevJoe , a game designer from work and home and school, just would like to promote kontrazt, a game that you can't stop playing.

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