The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • How many introverts out there? I'm sure every one of you hate introductions as much as I do!

    Anyways, I'm a Senior Network Analyst by day and a indie developer by night. I hail from the north side of Atlanta, and have lived in Georgia most of my life. I am interested in creating story driven mobile games for phone and maybe tablets. Some of my fondest memories of gaming came from my old spinach-green Game Boy, playing classics like Final Fantasy Adventure, Final Fantasy Legend, Gargoyle's Quest, etc...

    I'm currently working on a passion project called "Quo". It's a free-roaming adventure game with puzzles and some strategy elements. I was looking for an engine after learning some JavaScript, and came across Construct 2. I have some background with C, C++, and Java, but really didn't even know where to start to create a real engine. Seemed better to use a canned one and learn how it works before trying to build my own.

    Nice to meet all of you - now get back to making your game

  • Some one at the School I'm going to told me about this website. maybe it will help me study!

  • Hi! I'm Aerdian and I'm new here! I'm interested in making games with Construct 2!

  • Hi! My name is Jeff Rayner,

    and I am new with construct 2, but already I'm developing a game called " Maze of Survivor "

    will soon be available to play.

  • Hi all

    I'm Long time player or various games & write reporting & scripts my 9-5. Looking to get some of the games I would love to play out & available.

  • Hello Construct 2 Users,

    My strengths are in graphic design, I'm open to interacting and collaborating with anyone who is strong at applying logic / behaviours to graphics for game play.

    Take care

  • Hi Folks my AKA is VacksPredator, I heard about this tool from a developer body.

    See you Arround

  • Hi I am Billoo and i would like to share the best games i have ever played with you all.

    Have fun

  • Hello Guys,

    I am Roland Pospichal. I love to listen songs. Rihanna is my favorite.

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  • Hello.

    I am a student at a technology school, and I thought this would be a good way to show what I am capable of making.

    (Not to mention I actually need this for one of my classes... lol)

    So you should know some stuff about me!


    Color: Cobalt

    Sport: Baseball

    Video Game: Minecraft, Unturned, The Escapists, Emily is Away, The Sims 4

    Social Media Platform: YouTube is boss!

    Songs: Brave Man (Will Young), anything 8-bit, and anything else I decide to add here later!

  • Hello everyone, glad to have found your engine and community.

    Quick question right of the bat: I've been reading the tutorials about working with different aspect ratios to accommodate for different devices; and I was wondering if anyone on the community has already created a template file for this.

    The way I see it, most of us wanting to create games for mov-dev will face this sooner or later so why not have a template already created right? some may answer... "well there are so many devices that a template will never be complete", and while you would be right, we have to accept that by creating a template with say... 10 devices in mind would really help and give us an awesome head start on how to tackle this issue.

    am I right? or am I soooo noob that I'm asking for something stupid?

    Thanks folks! lay it on me... no worries


  • Hola me llamo moises ,y me gustaria crear un juego , soy de mexico D.F y estudio la preparatoria

  • Hello, I'm Faerie! It's nice to meet you all!

  • Hi,

    my name is Andrew and I am the founder of Checkmate. I've been programming since 2k12 and I created some templates and graphics assets that can be purchased on Scirra Store. I made one game too. It's name is Space Way and it is an arcade game for Android.

  • ...

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