The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • hi

  • Hello I'm using C2 for a while now but never introduced myself. So well hello buds o/

  • Hy Subescripe in my chanel in youtube

  • hghgh

  • Hi Sion here, giving construct 2 a try out.

  • Hey everybody, Raichu here and I'm trying to create a fun 2D platformer. I am a beginner trying out C2 for awhile and so far I love it however, I have too many ideas and don't know what is the best way to start creating a game.

  • Hello, there. I am a new user. My name is Jesús, and I am from Argentina. I downloaded Construct 2 because it seemed interesting. Nice to meet you!

  • Hi, my english is very low, so.. speak in spanish

    Gracias espero poder aprender mucho por estos rumbos un saludo.

  • I found out about this coding website when I was looking for a game creator that includes javascript.

  • I discovered this website playing "There is no game". So I decided to try it. I have some experience doing coding, but only blocky.

  • hi imm luuk guud gammmere

  • Hi!

  • Hey, my name is Austin. I grew up in the states but live in Alberta, Canada now. Was wanting a hobby and when it comes to video games i have a deep passion so i decided i wanted to toy around with the idea of making some games for fun.

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  • How many introverts out there? I'm sure every one of you hate introductions as much as I do!

    Anyways, I'm a Senior Network Analyst by day and a indie developer by night. I hail from the north side of Atlanta, and have lived in Georgia most of my life. I am interested in creating story driven mobile games for phone and maybe tablets. Some of my fondest memories of gaming came from my old spinach-green Game Boy, playing classics like Final Fantasy Adventure, Final Fantasy Legend, Gargoyle's Quest, etc...

    I'm currently working on a passion project called "Quo". It's a free-roaming adventure game with puzzles and some strategy elements. I was looking for an engine after learning some JavaScript, and came across Construct 2. I have some background with C, C++, and Java, but really didn't even know where to start to create a real engine. Seemed better to use a canned one and learn how it works before trying to build my own.

    Nice to meet all of you - now get back to making your game

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