The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • I'm Kris, from the States, and happy Ashley created Construct 2.

  • Hey guys,

    My name is Yair Kivaiko AKA kobaiko, I'm a 34 yrs. old graphic designer from Tel Aviv, Israel.

    This is actually my first time trying to build games, and so far I'm loving Construct 2 so much.

    It's super super easy but has so much under the hood, amazing stuff.

    I'll work on something and link you guys when it's done.


  • Hi I'm Peter

    I'm a computer guy for over 20 years. I'm pretty new in game development stuff and basically, the only reason why I am now, are such tools as C2.

    I like the idea of fast prototyping and catch bugs as soon as possible.

    The last 4 years I spent in Africa (on my motorcycle) and I'm looking forward to hear from you - especially if you are near me (Linz, Austria)

  • Hiya! I'm Justin64! I've just got a Wii U's developer's license and i thought Construct 2 fitted my needs for rapid prototyping and game development. I'm used to writing things from scratch till, the point I end up reinventing the wheel.

    Can't wait to dive right in!

  • Heyyo, everyone!! I am Ethan Carello, a high school student aspiring to become a game designer.

    Ever since I was a mere child, I have been surrounded by the influence of video games. The earliest picture of me interacting with video games was when I was nine months old watching my brother play Super Smash Bros. 64. I have loved playing video games and looking at how it melds together. Funny thing though-even after almost 18 years of existence with most being around a video game...

    ...I have never made a single video game in my life.

    I have little-to-no experience in making a game, and most of things that I could do to make a game's content, mechanics, and story are all in my head. I have ideas, of course. However, those ideas are useless if left forgotten. Plus, I have a really bad habit of mentally bullying myself out of doing something for a video game in fear of screwing up or not achieving a goal that I have melded in mind (I'm too self-conscious for my own good :/ ), but is a far bigger scope than I need to assess to. But now...I can't let myself stop myself.

    So, I have come to start creating with a mindset to allow failure. I have come to understand that most achievements come with countless failures, and I will let that be my drive to keep going. My goal? Create at least 1-3 great indie games among the countless messes I will have to make in order to learn my mistakes. Construct 2 looks like a good place to start, so I might as well get to it!

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  • HI

  • Hello! My name is Raul Martinez, I'm from Mexico and I'm and aspiring game developer.

    I've a vague knowledge of coding but gonna star from zero with this to learn more about Wii U game development!

  • hi, nice to meet you all

    i know this awesome software from friends and i hope to create some game using construct 2

    currently i'm working on typing games.

  • My name is Ilya and i from Russia, i was sharing in internet about programms like you and found it

  • Hi Everybody,

    Been messing around with Construct 2 for about a month or better now. Made a couple platform games for my grand-kids and have been having a great time in the process. I grew up in my teen with a C64 and later an Amiga 500, and like the idea of making some retro looking games for some of my old gamer pals.

    TD Bauer

  • Hey Everyone Im Tyler!

  • Hi, my name is Aaron and just like you, I found Construct 2 while browsing for game creation software.

    I don't really mean for this to become a career, just a little hobby I can do during my free time. I love watching anime, drama, and LPs on YouTube (game grumps and dramaalert FTW!) I think my interest in gaming started back when I played mario world on the snes, but i really grew up in the ps2 days (late bloomer I know...). I love those days when the tech was limited and forced the creators to be unique when making their games. It still happens a little bit today, but not on the same level as was before.

    Anyway, I hope I can learn some cool stuff being on this site.

  • I'm very behind on doing this, but hello!

    Been in games, animation and music industry for a long time now, and decided to give C2 a whirl a little under a year ago. Since then, I've prototyped a lot, and come to rely on C2 as a valuable tool. Outside of C2, I've worked on many games with many teams and worn many hats, from art, to music, writing, production, a bit of code, a bit of everything really. In my spare time, I'm going to try and see just how complex a game can be made here, and over what platforms. Excited for the day MS and Sony adopt full HTML5. Can't wait to see what you're all working on, and I hope I can offer assistance anytime I'm able. Looks like a great community here. See you all in future posts!

  • Hi I'm Daniel, i wasn't around during the nes/snes era of games, i grew up with N64/PS1, GBC/GBA and GC/PS2 era of games.

    I discovered classic games through emulation and recent generations of game consoles distributing them though digital downloads.

    I grew up a pretty poor life, and one of the highlights of my youth was getting lost in the realm of videogames. My first spark of interest in developing games started when i was around 12, because my older brother, who is very talented at pixel art, introduced me to programs like RPG Maker 2003.

    At first i just had a childish fantasy of making a successful game whenever i was making a sub-par DragonQuest like RPG. After a while i realized that making a good game others can enjoy is my life dream and goal, even if it isn't successful. Just the thought of my ideas coming to life and others enjoying it was more than enough to motivate me to make a good game

    I never had enough money to take a college course, and it is extremely difficult finding steady work in the economically dead area i live in, unless you have connections through a relative or friend. My older brother tried to make it on his own by working on game projects with online friends of his, but things didn't work out due to creative differences and working long distance.

    Finally in the past year we discovered Construct 2 through a forum, and it met our every need. My imagination exploded with great ideas, and my brother and I officially decided to dedicate our lives full time to making games. We are currently in the very early stages of developing our first game, but we are hoping to reach a goal of finishing it by the fall.

    Theres my story, and i hope i meet a lot of awesome people with good ideas in a seemingly friendly community

  • Hi, I'm Thomas, I discovered construct 2 on a website top ten.

    I was inspired to start making these little things because of my brother, who wasn't too bad at making games.

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