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  • My name is JHON CENA!

  • I'm a full-stack developer interested in using construct with angular.js, that will work with an external API. The api is node/express based. Any links, tuts, resources, and/or helpful comments for construct to angular would be greatly appreciated. I've only been able to find a few resources and docs aren't very detailed on the subject.



  • Hi everyone just got on board this wonderful site. Heard a lot of great things about it from colleagues. Maybe I could turn a hobby into a wonderful business or something, who knows. thanks for having me here!

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  • hello my name is Charlie and I use constructor to haver my own games, it's amazing the ability to create your stories and to make them happen, Construc 2 is a fantastic program

  • wut? .-.

  • Hello, I'm New

  • Eu sou Júlio e conheço o construct da 7mind e tambem gostaria que voces se increveçe no meu canal ... 9fvWNJRX5A

  • Hi I'm MousieParvaDux. I'm doing Construct2 because a teacher suggested to me for coding. I especially like creating graphics for code.

  • Since i didn't do it, here i am !...

    Well hmm...

    What can i say. Construct 2 is cool ? Hmm... i like pizza and hmm... banana ?

  • Hi. I'm new here. ^_^

  • [quote:2is1evkc]Only the people that no one else can imagine anything of are the ones that do the things no one else can image.

  • Joined as a technology enthusiast!

  • Hello, I am Sam.

    I was interested in coding with BBC Basic in 1987 (I got an 'A' at O'level!), but haven't had time to code whilst working as a teacher, and bringing up 4 children of my own.

    I have been a primary teacher for the last 20 years, always ICT coordinator... I became a wizz on 'Scratch', making games to test tables, animations of the children's stories etc.

    Following Teacher burnout, I am now unemployed, and teaching myself HTML/CSS, then Javascript/PHP, then...?

    I am friends with the author of the ShinyLearning SEN games, and it was her who pointed me towards Construct 2...

    I would like to build websites, write educational games, write productivity software to make teachers' lives easier and more effective, and make animations...

    Love to hear from opinions of where to begin, and where to go next...

  • Hello there;

    I'm a newbie in game making. Hope this software helps me some.

  • Hello and nice to meet you,

    My name is Sebastian Ersen and I am a web developer and designer. For a long time now I wanted to create a game and now we have a team based competition in our company. My friends recommended this software and I am sure it will turn my idea into a miracle.

    Thanks and have fun !

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