The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello, I'm an indie game developer living in Portland, OR, USA. I worked on the iOS games Blackbar and Grayout and now I'm excited to broaden my skills to web games.

  • Ohhh hotgirllove1113! I am sorry but i don't understand French. Haven't tried anything like this yet but i like

    French and Spanish so hope that i will really like your shared posts further. But please do write in English from the next time.

  • welcome all

  • Hello guys, hope this program make me a better newbie content creator

  • Im Ken.

    I am 16 years of age.

    I am a Game Programmer student because i like to be mentally challenged.

    I started using construct last year and i find it enjoying.

    I find my self a very professional Game Developer in 10 years.

    I know i am not yet very good, but some day, i want to be a top employee at a game company.

  • Hello, my name is ChocoPeach, I'm new here (as you may notice) and the first time I heard of Construct 2 was on the credits of a game titled "This is not a game."

  • Hello!

  • Hi, I'm Ricardo but you can call me Zé (or PXzin)

    For the last 10 years I've been workig with Internet Development, many of then in communication softwares.

    Back in 2013, I come back to the university to course a graduation in Game Development.

    When I first see Construct2 I become a spreader and start to speak and teach people about this little piece of heaven

    Until now, make games is my hobby and I never finalize one. This time, I pretend to end and ship as soon as possible.

    As a Native Portugues Speaker, I use a lot of commas. But I'm trying to stop. I started a english course and maybe my english will be better in the next few months.

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  • Hey everyone XD

  • This looked like an interesting site and I've always wanted to make a game, so here I am. Hello everybody!

  • I guess this is where I should start. Hi everyone. Over the past few years I have been teaching myself the ins an outs of basic web design and graphic design. In search of new educational pursuits, I came across this forum. I never really considered game design before, but any type of coding and software I can learn the better. I think this might be my next challenge. So, I am perusing the forum to gain inspiration, learn, and see if I might want to make this my next educational venture.

  • Hi,

    My name is Robert Chappell. I am from London, UK. I like to say hello to all members.

  • Hello,

    I am from WV USA and I am getting into games as a hobby. Read about Construct 2 on the internet.

  • Mr. Swanson the video game design teacher! here to help!

  • I am litoraly brand new to game designing, developing, stuff like that. i know very basic stuff, and i hope getting experience from this can help. Ive played lots of games, so i really want to try and incorperate some things that ive seen into things i make.

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