The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • This looked like an interesting site and I've always wanted to make a game, so here I am. Hello everybody!

  • I guess this is where I should start. Hi everyone. Over the past few years I have been teaching myself the ins an outs of basic web design and graphic design. In search of new educational pursuits, I came across this forum. I never really considered game design before, but any type of coding and software I can learn the better. I think this might be my next challenge. So, I am perusing the forum to gain inspiration, learn, and see if I might want to make this my next educational venture.

  • Hi,

    My name is Robert Chappell. I am from London, UK. I like to say hello to all members.

  • Hello,

    I am from WV USA and I am getting into games as a hobby. Read about Construct 2 on the internet.

  • Mr. Swanson the video game design teacher! here to help!

  • I am litoraly brand new to game designing, developing, stuff like that. i know very basic stuff, and i hope getting experience from this can help. Ive played lots of games, so i really want to try and incorperate some things that ive seen into things i make.

  • Hey there. Experienced in game development, mostly on consoles, with some mobile experience on Android and with Unity. Totally new to Construct 2 though so thought I'd take a look at it for prototyping and proof of concept type stuff.

  • am form Yemen but I live in UK London. I know this program because my teacher in college is teaching me how to use it and create games

  • yooooooooooo

  • Salutations! [Hello World!]

    Always wanted to check out game development, so I figured, why not now? Looking forward to learning a lot.


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  • My names Aiden and I hope I can make some cool stuff!

  • Hello!!! I actually got here by searching "Best game creating websites" and i just saw the look of this and I was interested!!! Anyways, hi, my name is Torren :3 and the Doges sent me to find a good game creating website and I think the doges will be proud!


  • Hello everyone my name is Brandon. I've recently started my career in animating professionally in America and Japan within the last two years. I've always been a hard worker and I've always been dedicated and looking to learn new things. I recently picked up this software because I wanted to make a turn based JRPG. So far I've been doing multiple of test and it seems to work out quite well even though its a hassle. Now my development starts and I hope to release my game between 2017-2019

  • Good day everyone! I'm from Яussia, and I'm wonna make something mindblowing with Construct 2!

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