The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello all, I am Seabass.

    Well that's not literally my name. For some time now, I had been feeling the urgent need to make a game hence the

    power of said medium, it's ability to reach such a large crowd of great people, and overall likeness telling a story through them. As of Feburary 2016, I am a user of this powerful game engine, and my Scirra Arcade username is Blurry Face. I am very excited to join this community and make games with this potentially limitless 2D tool to be my canvas, and I do not promise to do great things in the future, but to make great things NOW, and always, if I ever have the time.

    (I'm a hobbyist for C2, so I do not always have time for it and may be using other game engines or might be doing some other obligations.)

  • Hello world!

    My name is Byron and I love video games.

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm Stephen and I'm an experienced web Developer and wanted to have a play around with a game engine and see if I could make something. I'm glad construct makes it so simple to get started but also advanced enough that there's still plenty to learn. Been going for about 4 days now and I've been using it pretty solidly so far

  • Hello everyone,

    My name is Eduardo Reis. I'm Fábrica de Heróis ( developer and also the illustrator of the game Mercenaries Vs Zombies (

    I hope to learn a little to develop my own games.

    Hugs to all!

  • Hi, my name is Hugo and I'm from Brazil.

    I have been trying to use other Engines for game design, until I knew Construct 2. Actually, I'm trying to develop educational games.

  • Hello hello I am a student as a video game designer and would really enjoy this program so looking forward to trying my best to create some enjoyable games

  • Hi, my name is Kenji.

    Nice to meet you.

  • Hi ! I'm Mario.

    I made game with Game Maker Studio, but i want to learn also to use Construct2.

    I like this tool for its games in HTML5 (it's the future).

    Often i help a website that spreads free indie games and this give me the possibility to know several devs and indie games

  • HEY EVERYONE!!!!!!!

    I AM ALEX!!!

    I'm super excited to get started working with Construct 2. I've done lots of research and this seems like the software for me.

    I have played games my entire life and now I'm ready to give back to the community .

    Looking forward to interacting with you all!

  • Hello bros!

    I'm Capdin Games, bringing the best of games to everybody. Let's play!?

  • hi people!!! tarek from London, I just started learning how to make games wich was in my long waiting list to do, and i never could becouse of the lack of programing, i really like construct 2 i hope to learn a lot from you guys cheeessse see you around

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  • hello everybody... im Bao from Indonesia. I am a gamer that could play everyday and night without sleep. I always wondering how to make game. I thought i have to go to school again. oh no... :p untill then i search on Internet and i found this web. Then i realize, i also can make game. just download the free trial of Construct 2 from scrirra and watch tutorials from experts then i can put all my ideas into it. well... lets see what i can do... but of course, I need friends, need tutor need you guys to teach me, support and share to. Glad to be here.... see you guys around.

  • Hi!

    I'm Dorianne, I live in South Africa and I'm a production artist for video games in my day job. My most recent release was Broforce.

    On the side I'm learning more about other aspects of game making (structure, design etc) and I've found construct to be quite useful in that I can play with those areas despite being quite a weak programmer.

    I tend to try and ignore art when I'm making games because it will distract me too much. So I'm apolagising in advance for adding ugly things to thing community

  • Hello everyone!

    My name is Ludvig and I come from Sweden. I'm 15 years old and will be 16 the 18 of March 2016.

    Making games has always been something I've been trying to do, and finally with Construct 2 - I can do that! My day pretty much revolves around - sleep - eat - school - creating games. After about one year of game devoloping I can finally see some results with my games, the latest being Zhokar!

    Have a nice day and I'll see you around!

  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Eng, from Singapore and I am new to games development. I will be using Construct2 hopefully to come up with a nice game for my IT project.

    See you guys around...

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