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  • I'm Jean

    I discovered Construct only about 3 weeks ago. Have an idea to a story for years, and now I decided to turn it to a game. I'll try to put all the bright colours of Brazil (my motherland) into it.

  • Er just read another intro where someone thought 41 was old. I'm 59. Hope to get a game out in the next few months...

  • I wanna make videogames so I try the free edition of construct liked and here I'm

  • Hi! Im another guy trying to make a game:P. I'm 15 years old from Argentina and i was that told in this site there was a program that would help me program my game and ask for help if i have to. Cheers.

  • I'm a 16 year old boy who goes to Montville Township High School.

  • hi, I'm evan my teacher told me to do this so i did it

  • I'm David, I am a trainer for the State of Washington looking for innovative ways to teach agents in our division about laws. I"m hoping I can gamify some of the information. I learned about this on the Association for Talent Development (ATD) website.

  • Hey Guys I am a pretty chill girl like to hang with friends and talk so cool

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  • Hello to all 34 registered, 0 hidden and 47 guests

  • hi

    i'm 26 years old from iran

    read in one of our newpaper about easiest way to create game and that is construct 2 for many platforms

    so i join here

  • I arrive from unity 3d experience. Just start 2d gaming now, never tried 2d before. Just purchased Construct 2 and Spriter Pro. This should give good start in 2d html5 games.

  • Hello my name is Benas Demereckas I'm from Lithuania and I'm 14 years old. I heard about Construct 2 from a youtuber Nerd³ and I want to make some small and simple games because coding games or making them on Unity is to hard and I want something simple.

  • hi looking for a "team" to make a massive rpg and im new to construct 2 and making games

  • Hi there ! My Name is Vectrex71 from Switzerland( ). I was a User and so i made some Games like

    - PLEEZZ

    Link: - BALANZZE DC

    Link: - KnockMaster- Swipezzand others.

    Now i switched from Mac OSX to Windows 10 and so i found Construct2 !

    I'm sure i will love to work with Construct2 and let me say a big "HELLO" to everyone in this fine community !

    hey great work. do you wanna make a rpg?

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