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  • Hello, my name is George and I am a father of 4 kids (who play computer games). My second son loves to play Minecraft. From the very first time I heard of Minecraft, I thought: what if there was a possibility to give players the knowledge, in the same way like Minecraft, on how to build buildings or other things in real life?

    So I came up with a concept:

    Someone yesterday told me I should try to build it as a game. Or at least the prototype. I am an architect myself (buildings) so I dont have much experience in programming. After doing some research, I decided to try and build a prototype with Construct 2. Wish me luck! If you have any ideas or feedback, please let me know.

  • I'm Lou, I bet no one reads these, so I'm not sure why I'm typing?

    (I saw free Rep after signing up, or something other, so heck yea)

  • Hi, my name is Melissa, and I am going to try to build an 'educational game' for my Masters project.

  • I'm Lou, I bet no one reads these, so I'm not sure why I'm typing?

    (I saw free Rep after signing up, or something other, so heck yea)

    I check every one!

  • I'm kinda late to the party but better late than never

    I'm John, 41 years old with wife and 2 children. I got my first computer, a ZX Spectrum +2 sometime in 1986-87 and was instantly hooked to playing games, learning the BASIC language and briefly some Z80 assembly. Those were really the best days in computing and I can still remember the fights we had with Amstrad and Commodore owners! Later on I acquired an Amiga 500 and a bit later an Amiga 1200 and discovered the amazing AMOS BASIC. I refused to let those Amigas go, even after the dull grey boxes (that we used to call PC compatibles) started gaining ground. But I had to move on and eventually entered the distorted world of Windows 95... There I discovered click and create and the games factory and was amazed with what you could do with a couple of mouse clicks! And here I'm now using Construct 2 which I believe will be the future model of how games and applications are created and it's really the most polished and easiest game engine today!

    In all those years, I never took it seriously to create a full game or really learn a programming language, but I guess it's never too late!

    Up until recently, my main hobby was building hand-crafted electric guitars, but I kinda abandoned it because it started to become an expensive hobby.

  • TheGrimGriefer is here, now the party can start

  • Hello everybody !

    Im a starter game maker from iceland !

    Just ran into Construct 2 in search online for an engine to make games in and it sounded very interested so i tried it and have now bought it. And hopefully in the future there will be some games people will enjoy playing ...

    Hallfríður Beck


  • I'm Jean

    I discovered Construct only about 3 weeks ago. Have an idea to a story for years, and now I decided to turn it to a game. I'll try to put all the bright colours of Brazil (my motherland) into it.

  • Er just read another intro where someone thought 41 was old. I'm 59. Hope to get a game out in the next few months...

  • I wanna make videogames so I try the free edition of construct liked and here I'm

  • Hi! Im another guy trying to make a game:P. I'm 15 years old from Argentina and i was that told in this site there was a program that would help me program my game and ask for help if i have to. Cheers.

  • I'm a 16 year old boy who goes to Montville Township High School.

  • hi, I'm evan my teacher told me to do this so i did it

  • I'm David, I am a trainer for the State of Washington looking for innovative ways to teach agents in our division about laws. I"m hoping I can gamify some of the information. I learned about this on the Association for Talent Development (ATD) website.

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  • Hey Guys I am a pretty chill girl like to hang with friends and talk so cool

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