The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hey, just looking into construct 2 as many people told me it was a good option. If it turns out to be, maybe I'll hang around for a long time

  • Hey guys, Carnage3609 here, and I just wanted introduce myself as an avid gamer, who is a senior in high school and will be going off to college next year to study making video games. I wanted to join this community to make my first video game that I want to publish, codenamed, Orbs of Redemption, and yes I got the idea from that specific episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender. So, any tips, help, or advice will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks, y'all.

  • i sall h,ky,gyu

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  • Just saw that crazy billboard ad and thought I'd check it out. It's time to see if I can get some of these ideas unstuck from my brain.

  • Hey everyone. My name is Lance.

    Been a web dev for 15 years. Got into making mobile apps 2 years ago. Became interested in making mobile games recently and spent countless hours researching the best engine to use. Was really impressed with C2 after seeing some of the incredible games that have been released. I've tried the others but came back to C2 because it's so easy to use. I think I made the right choice. Game on!

  • Hello friends and hello from Spain

    Any spanish people here? Pleaseee no speak english.

  • hello

  • Hi =)

  • Um, hi! Im Deadly Kitten! So... yeah.

  • Hi, I'm Zach

  • Hi! I'm SQryptex!

    I am interested in creating video games. I was doing some research about video games and how to make them. I came across Construct 2 and tried it out. It turned out to be extremely useful and easy to create games!

    It is very intuitive and I learn something new about Construct 2 everyday.

    I am so glad to be a part of this community!

    I am currently working on creating web games. I might upload one or two games on the Scirra Arcade in the future.

    That's all I have to say,

    Thank you all for welcoming me here!


  • Hi

  • Hi, my names Razi! I'm here to make so much games, to release and play!

  • My name is esther. I am an illustrator anime/manga

  • Hello everyone, i have just purchased the business edition of Construct 2 and have been studying the software for roughly 4 hours. I've purchased a top down shooter course from Udemy and i plan to develop many more games here. Hopefully you guys can help me out quite a bit through the process. See you around.

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