The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello! Nub here... I'm a videographer but I'll be a unreliable, not requested, game designer soon

  • Hi I'm Tayvon and I heard about Construct 2 through my Media Design Teacher

  • Nerdcubed sent me here.

  • Hello, my name is Dylan and I heard about Construct by a YouTube video called "You Can Make Video Games."

  • Hi I am innosia

    I created several games in android using javascript, but I find it tedious writing javascript from scratch so I choose Construct 2. I haven't purchased it yet but after some testing might consider.

    Thanks for welcoming

  • Hi, my name is Sean and I am a recent grad from the Art Instititute of LA. It's a struggle to break into "the industry" down here in SoCal, and I have been working on all kinds of personal projects, to keep the saw sharp as they say. After months and months of job hunting, interviews, and getting low-balled on free-lance leads, a fellow grad and I have partnered up and decided to break in through the seedy underworld of indie phone game development. If your curious, nosy, or just looking for another distraction for the next couple minutes, then check out my website at .

  • William Hudson here, I go by Bill. I am a 50 year old man (I, can't even believe that) but those years do tick. I have been programming for over 30 years. I like Visual Basic, and Assembly Language. I like programming anything from utilities to Operating System code. I have never really done much in Gaming though. always been interested, but just never did much. Well other than writing games that already exist, Like I wrote a Tetris game, and a few others like that, but nothing like an original game.

    I ran across this on the Internet and so it peeked my interest! I am always looking for something to program, and so maybe it's time I dabble in games and see what I might come up with! I look forward to hopefully getting some help and advice here, I will sure need it to get started.

  • Hello, my name is George and I am a father of 4 kids (who play computer games). My second son loves to play Minecraft. From the very first time I heard of Minecraft, I thought: what if there was a possibility to give players the knowledge, in the same way like Minecraft, on how to build buildings or other things in real life?

    So I came up with a concept:

    Someone yesterday told me I should try to build it as a game. Or at least the prototype. I am an architect myself (buildings) so I dont have much experience in programming. After doing some research, I decided to try and build a prototype with Construct 2. Wish me luck! If you have any ideas or feedback, please let me know.

  • I'm Lou, I bet no one reads these, so I'm not sure why I'm typing?

    (I saw free Rep after signing up, or something other, so heck yea)

  • Hi, my name is Melissa, and I am going to try to build an 'educational game' for my Masters project.

  • I'm Lou, I bet no one reads these, so I'm not sure why I'm typing?

    (I saw free Rep after signing up, or something other, so heck yea)

    I check every one!

  • I'm kinda late to the party but better late than never

    I'm John, 41 years old with wife and 2 children. I got my first computer, a ZX Spectrum +2 sometime in 1986-87 and was instantly hooked to playing games, learning the BASIC language and briefly some Z80 assembly. Those were really the best days in computing and I can still remember the fights we had with Amstrad and Commodore owners! Later on I acquired an Amiga 500 and a bit later an Amiga 1200 and discovered the amazing AMOS BASIC. I refused to let those Amigas go, even after the dull grey boxes (that we used to call PC compatibles) started gaining ground. But I had to move on and eventually entered the distorted world of Windows 95... There I discovered click and create and the games factory and was amazed with what you could do with a couple of mouse clicks! And here I'm now using Construct 2 which I believe will be the future model of how games and applications are created and it's really the most polished and easiest game engine today!

    In all those years, I never took it seriously to create a full game or really learn a programming language, but I guess it's never too late!

    Up until recently, my main hobby was building hand-crafted electric guitars, but I kinda abandoned it because it started to become an expensive hobby.

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  • TheGrimGriefer is here, now the party can start

  • Hello everybody !

    Im a starter game maker from iceland !

    Just ran into Construct 2 in search online for an engine to make games in and it sounded very interested so i tried it and have now bought it. And hopefully in the future there will be some games people will enjoy playing ...

    Hallfríður Beck


  • I'm Jean

    I discovered Construct only about 3 weeks ago. Have an idea to a story for years, and now I decided to turn it to a game. I'll try to put all the bright colours of Brazil (my motherland) into it.

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