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  • i love game making

  • helloo.. i m radhika nd m a cse student

  • Hi, I am Kiko from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. New to the world of game building but a big fan of video games since I don't even remember. Looking forward to building my own game. Building experience "0". I am a professional web designer and graphics artist with great ideas for games for mobiles.


  • Hello, I am Iagadar (ya-guh-dar). I am from Sugar City, Idaho. I have recently gained an interest in game development and design. At this point, my building experience is at level 0, but I hope that I can learn and improve from being on this site. I am looking forward to building my own game and have some good ideas in mind.

  • Hi - I love software most likely like all of us and have a son who's got a great imagination. Hopefully Construct2 provides a door for him to explore this further in the game creation world.

  • Hi, I'm Maria from Romania. I always wanted to know how to make video games and thanks to construct 2 now I have the chance to do it. I'm still learning how to use the software but I'm sure I'll get better XD

  • Hello nice to meet you... . I'm isoga and new in c2. thanks

  • Hi my name is Anis Ayuni. i live in Malaysia. and thats all i guess so SEE YA

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  • Welcome, Maria from Romania. Bem vinda!

  • I`m zhale from China! Thanks!

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm newbie construct 2 and have just buy personal license, I hope all of you can help me which question: "How can I..... " And I live in Vietnam.

    Have a good day !

  • Hello everyone out there, JumpGame will be developing 2d games + 3d games please email me here :zak•g•venter@gmail•com , for more info

  • i am gianna and i am doing my genius hour progect on coding and games.

  • hey guys, I know its a little late but i am hypedigi!

    Music Producer/Composer who got into C2 last year. Game design has always been a hobby of mine and i love how easy construct makes it for artists to make a playable game.

    I also offer original soundtrack design at an indie friendly price! Contact me for more info!



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