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  • Hello everyone

    So im new here ...... I am 40 years old and have been playing text based games for the last 10-12 years. I always wanted to try my hand at making my own game. After searching I came across this enegine and thought i would give it a try.

    Looking forward to getting to know the community.....

  • Hello guys, I am Caidan. I have been developing videogames for about 3 years on and off. I have used construct 2 previously over last school year for projects and am now using it for personal projects. I like doing 2D assets of art as well but I would like someone to maybe partner up with

  • Hello Guys,

    I am here to create a 2D board game which is very interesting and strategic. It will be really appreciable if anyone is ready to help me.

  • Hello! Everyone!

    We are Epic Stock Media!

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    As a sound designer, I’m always on the prowl for top notch audio assets to add to my arsenal. Sometimes I find myself not able to purchase sound libraries that I like or only able to purchase small/portions of libraries over a long period of time. So I teamed up with a small group of designers to create a set of inspiring sound libraries with a simple mission – Give the community innovative content at an everyday price.

    From experience we know how important it is to have a vast assortment of sounds that remain relevant project after project. Not to mention that keeps you on budget and doesn’t break the bank.

    Today, the company is a small team of caffeinated professionals that specialize in contract music composition and top of the line sound design for gaming and multimedia industries. Using modern specialized technology and proprietary audio trade techniques, We aim to provide our clients with innovative, themed and targeted platform audio designs that are cohesive.

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  • Hi I´m Juliana.

  • hello~

    My name is Joon Hyun Jeon from south korea.

    I want to make a game & app so that I finally found this engine construct2 and my friend suggested me to use this. That's why I start to register here. thank you.

  • Hello

    I are from Brazil

    develop games for the construct, and recently started will make assets arts.

    I am a vector artist, if you need something, please contact

  • Hey there,

    I'm Kroan, a hobby game developer currently learning Construct 2.

    I hope it will be great and fit my needs. Looking forward to learn a lot

  • Hi all, new here. How do you do?

    I'm someone from SEA and looking to make some computer and android games with Construct 2. Nice to meet you.

  • Hi !

    I'm from Chile, Santiago and I'm 20 years old, I'll study informatic the next year.

    I'd like to learning about this

    If u let me now about me text me

  • I want to start doing games and i think this is the moment perfect to start

  • Hi,

    It's Dew. I'm graphic designer especially creating 2D art for game. Currently learning construct 2 and creating assets for sale. I think it's good engine for non programmer developer like me. Hope, it will be great


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  • Hey guys, My names Matt, I love videogames and hope to create several games of my own.

  • Hi,

    My name is Mike. I'm part of an indie dev team based out of Seattle, Washington. We are Reluctant Koala Studios, and we are currently using Construct 2 to make a futuristic, tank combat, strategy and role-playing game.

    We have been working on various iterations of this game for close to 2 years, but now that things have begun to solidify, we thought it would be fun to engage more with the Scirra and Construct 2 community! We've certainly learned a lot through trial and error as development has progressed, but I'm sure there is a lot more we can learn from the community.

    Beyond that, we also hope to get a better sense of the cool things other people are making with Construct 2 and to update fairly regularly about our progress from here on out!

  • Hello friends,

    I am Madhan

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