The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • hello everyone!!

    i am a game creator, and i will be making a game called: Rise Of The Black Sun-Rise.

    this game is about the last sun rise, and its dark, everyone is struggling to stay stable with the medication they have got. you are an ordinary 12 year old boy, with only a thick coat, a bmx and tattered jeans. his name is jack, with a k9 pet, triggy. they go out killing rebelians (that are trying to stop everyone from fleeing this disaster) and from the light not being there, people with strange disieses that control them.

    get better armour, get better transportation, find back up,help survivours and be a hero.

    coming out 11/1/2016

    PG 16+

  • Hi my names Ricki,

    I was looking into remaking a old card game i love, and releasing on all mobile platforms and facebook.

    I found this software via Google, and it had amazed me. Really looking forward to trying and buying.

    Many Thanks.

  • Hi my name is Eric

    I was doing a research online earlier trying to look for places to learn how to create a game apps. I am lucky I clicked into your website and started reading the content of your website. I found the information and materials that you provided on this website is much easier for me to understand and I can't wait to learn how to do it myself step by step and learn from the experts.

  • Hello Folks ! I am Rabindra Mahanta, a newbie on this gaming world. Hope the gaming world will welcome me !!1

  • Hi. I'm Brian. I'm a software engineer at the Ohio Supercomputer Center.

    I'm trying out Construct 2 for fun and stopped in here to say hi.

  • I am a hobbies I hate games but love making them it's fun to make games... my motto here let's help each other

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  • Hello there!

  • Hello

  • Love this Website

  • Hi! Hope this website would be a big help for me

  • Hello evereybody,

    I am a citizen of the city Arnhem,

    I was introduced to contruct 2 by gamestad Arnhem

    Iam very intrested


  • Hello all !

    My name is s0ca, i'm a french young sound-designer, fan of Pixel Art who want to learn how to make games.

    So I guess that i'm on the good way

    I'm here to learn and share ! Feel free to contact me if you need some BGM or sound effects

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm from Puerto Rico.

    I studied Programming and keep studying Network technology and app development.

    I still learning how to use Construct 2 but have some experiences from other programs. I would like to met new people and see if I could collaborate with some of the teams, that would be great. Well I be available for make new friends, and also learn a lot from others.

    I'm working in a game but the same still in baby steps. Well I hope to hear from someone soon!

    Have a great day!

  • Hi my name is Daniel and I love to play video games, watch movies, tv shows and a bunch of other stuff. I also am interested in how games are made/how to make them, along with how to animate (e.g. in Adobe Flash).

    Right now my hope is to eventually create a rogue-like dungeon game inspired by Binding of Isaac.

  • Hey im Caleb Guys im new to game design but looking forward to cracking into it and making some mint games

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