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  • My name is Ken and I started playing games with a cap gun many years before video games was a word.

    I am now 75 and can remember when we bought our first television. (Black and White. No color.)

    That will explain why I don't know a lot of terms.

    I may have tried Construct2 several years ago but couldn't figure it out. I seem to be doing better this time.

    I am living in the Philippines with my family though I am an American from Ohio.

  • Hello, I'm new to the forum, I've been programming for a few years and learning to make games for about as long, it's nice to meet you

  • Hi There! i'm starting to learn about game programming. I dabble in Unity and UE4, and i can handle myself in 3dsMax, Substance Painter and Photoshop. Trying Construct out for prototiping purposes.

  • Hello everyone !

    I'm WeneW (aka NeozooM) and i'm 27. Living in Paris.

    Working in Animation studios and i am , obviously, fond of game design topics and especially indie scene.

    Worked a bit on Game maker and trying hard to learn some languages (Java, python, lua) before giving up cause of the lack of free time.

    Being , by my work, better at making graphics and animations, I found Construct 2 really attractive but i was quite sceptic.

    Now that i jumped throught it, i really enjoy the ease of use and very nice possibilities it offers to create nice 2D games !

    The community is helpful and the forums active, glad to join you !


  • Hello everyone !

    My name is Steven, I'm a 22 years old graphic designer and programmer, I live in France, and it's been two years since I started using Construct 2.

    I'm working on a big real-time RPG project all by myself (kind of like the Tales of series).

    I'm currently looking for a more stable professionnal situation, so if you can offer me a job please let me know !

    I'm curious, I speak French fluently and I manage very well in English, and I would love to travel, so working abroad wouldn't be a problem.

    I recently wrote a small tutorial on Scirra, here is the link if you're interested :

  • I like badges!

  • hello salut


  • Hi

  • Hello! My name is Jorge and I'm Jorge901, I'm a novician coder and I wanna make games, so my teacher send me this page and I'm downloading Construct2 but I have no idea about how to use it x,x

  • Hi my name is Ghabriel Eduardo Vello and I am Brazilian

    I like games always wanted to do one, but found it very difficult until I met the construct 2

    Ty Scirra

  • i hope i can master this engine soon

  • Hi! I'm Charlie! I just want to learn sweet stuff.

  • Hello


  • Hello there! I'm new at Construct Forum and Community, I hope you can enjoy my games that I'll be posting from today an on!

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  • Hello! I'm Samael. I'm Italian, and I want make games.

    Ah, sorry for my English.

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