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  • Hi! i heard about construct when i was in my technology club for school! i havent tried it yet, but it seems cool and looking forward to building game!

  • Hey! I am currently learning how to code and just making games in general. I heard about this website fro the Ludum Dare website under the Tools tab and was looking for a game development tool to use. Hopefully this will be the program! And if you see any tutorials on HTML5 or JavaScript you should send me the link, I'll definitely check it out! Thanks!


  • Hello!

  • Yayayyaya Im Joinin Construct 2

  • hello

  • i am from Earth and i found his on the internet

  • My name is Ken and I started playing games with a cap gun many years before video games was a word.

    I am now 75 and can remember when we bought our first television. (Black and White. No color.)

    That will explain why I don't know a lot of terms.

    I may have tried Construct2 several years ago but couldn't figure it out. I seem to be doing better this time.

    I am living in the Philippines with my family though I am an American from Ohio.

  • Hello, I'm new to the forum, I've been programming for a few years and learning to make games for about as long, it's nice to meet you

  • Hi There! i'm starting to learn about game programming. I dabble in Unity and UE4, and i can handle myself in 3dsMax, Substance Painter and Photoshop. Trying Construct out for prototiping purposes.

  • Hello everyone !

    I'm WeneW (aka NeozooM) and i'm 27. Living in Paris.

    Working in Animation studios and i am , obviously, fond of game design topics and especially indie scene.

    Worked a bit on Game maker and trying hard to learn some languages (Java, python, lua) before giving up cause of the lack of free time.

    Being , by my work, better at making graphics and animations, I found Construct 2 really attractive but i was quite sceptic.

    Now that i jumped throught it, i really enjoy the ease of use and very nice possibilities it offers to create nice 2D games !

    The community is helpful and the forums active, glad to join you !


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  • Hello everyone !

    My name is Steven, I'm a 22 years old graphic designer and programmer, I live in France, and it's been two years since I started using Construct 2.

    I'm working on a big real-time RPG project all by myself (kind of like the Tales of series).

    I'm currently looking for a more stable professionnal situation, so if you can offer me a job please let me know !

    I'm curious, I speak French fluently and I manage very well in English, and I would love to travel, so working abroad wouldn't be a problem.

    I recently wrote a small tutorial on Scirra, here is the link if you're interested :

  • I like badges!

  • hello salut


  • Hi

  • Hello! My name is Jorge and I'm Jorge901, I'm a novician coder and I wanna make games, so my teacher send me this page and I'm downloading Construct2 but I have no idea about how to use it x,x

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