The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello... not much here just earning 25 reputation badges even if idk what they r for. Ive used construct in Digitools so far and its soooo much fun! So I had to get one for myself for fun. I love programming so creating my own games will be a lot of fun! Cant wait cya.

  • Hey there, my internet name is Toruxas, iam just a highschooler who learned coding and design in class. Right now I am still very new too game design and I would like to use Construct 2 as my kickstarter to the world of game design.

  • My name is Daniel Lynskey.Im from Ireland and i heard about this website from a nerd cubed video

  • im 14 years old my dream is to be a game designer and i want to use this web game creator app so i can learn how to make a game

  • Hi there!

  • Hello from Bristol-UK!

    I am very excited about making games with construct 2!

    See you,


  • Greetings from the Netherlands! I am Nilltris and I am trying to get into the mobile game development as a hobby.

    Take care!

  • Hi, my name is Bruno Coimbra, I am a Game Design student in Brazil and I am a trainee in Game Development.

    I am a big fan of RPGs and platformers, while I do like action and adventure games too. My favorite game is Kingom Hearts II, but I do play Pokémon a lot.

    I'm primarily a programmer, but I do have some 3D design skills.

    Well... Hello everybody!!!

  • Hi, My name is Dimitar Rusev. I am from Bulgaria and I have a web development company. We found Construct 2 and are currently learning it in hope to launch our first game soon

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  • Hi guys! I am Cody and I am from the United States. I am a web developer and want to build a turn-based MMO with Construct 2.

  • Hello! Didn't know there was an official introduction thread. Greetings from Toronto.

    I have a thread on my game, would appreciate if you could check it out!


  • Hello All,

    I am Jagadeesan from India, getting into game development as a hobby

  • Hello! Greetings from Portugal.

    I'm very excited to work with Construct 2 and maybe soon launch my first game.

  • Hello! Greetings from Brazil

    Gotta use construct again!!

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