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  • Welcome all you will love construct 2 , easiest way to make video games

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  • Hi,

    my name is Sebastian. I played "The Beginner's Guide" and I kinda wanna make games now.

    I always wanted to, but now I'll finally do something.

    I heard about "Construct 2" via YouTube-videos about getting into making games.

    I will start with Construct 2 (free - not enough money and I just want to try it) right now, I really want to know how far I can go.

    I'm also learning C++ at the same time, it is a lot of fun.

    So I'll create a few small 2D games with Construct 2 and then I'll move to Source SDK or Unity3D. I'll see.

    Let's do this.

  • hello every one ive messed around with construct 2 for a while and decided to make a account right know... so ya XD

  • Hello,

    My name is Alberto and im novice in game programming.

    Bye to all

  • Hi there! I'm JosephSeraph, an artist and gamedev experienced with RPG Maker! I've seen my friend's Cronus' games and I'm truly impressed with Construct2 and what he could do with it, as such I'm giving it a try and perhaps even buying the engine a little bit further down the line.

    If you wish, feel free to check my devblog here: Resonate is currently my only serious complete game, but it's still in alpha stage: Depending on how the game fares on the IGMC its final build will be shaped differently!

    Have a wonderful day everyone, I'm so excited to start dabbling around with C2

  • hello everyone.

  • Meu nome é Yago Fernando, sou de Rondonópolis-MT Brasil. Conheci o Construct 2 através do canal desKompliKa Cursosdo YouTube. Logo mais gostaria de saber dicas.

  • I started doing games 5 years ago on game maker (I didn't upload anything tho, most of the games I did was for learning purposes). I started to use construct 2 months ago and I'm in love. I'm hoping to release my first game soon, and save enough money to buy the personal license.

  • Hi, I'm Justin Pilgrim and I'm new here.

  • Illustrator & programmer working in the child educational software field, making the switch from flash to construct.

  • Hi there name is jake. currently in college for video game design. just looking for new avenues.

  • Hello everybody my name is Morfyus and im from Pennsylvania

  • Hello Mine name is Ruslan And im from Estonia,I heard about Construct in the school on Teachers day

  • saludos soy de Venezuela y estoy aprendiendo.. cualquier ayuda es buena

  • Hi this is my first post i am wiffywear graphic designer and now game creator

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