The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello, i'm Nikolas Studant of Game Development.

    My focus is on Art and Animation, but i know a bit of Programming.

    I want learn about create games, and i search every day for more knowledge about this fantastic world of games .

    Let's make awsome games \o/

  • Hello im Oktay from Turkey.First of all,the reason of choosing this program is that you can make different style 2d game.I used free version so i like it.I want to buy c2 on Steam but before that i register c2 forum and i want to learn some information about the c2.I hope it is what I think.Lastly thank you for read my inroduce thread.

  • Hello!

    First time user of construct 2, I am familiar with Game Maker and Unity a little bit and I was quite impressed with the results from the games that were made with construct and decided to give it a try and see!


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  • Hi!, I'm George, looking forward to create my first game using Construct 2 and get to know you guys better.

  • sup

  • ¡Hola! Mi nombre es Samuel Lara, tengo 13 años y vivo en El Salvador, La Paz.

    Recientemente me eh unido a la programación en el cual solo eh aprendido el lenguaje "HTML" y por lo tanto intento de aprender el lenguaje "C++" y "C#", pero, antes quería probar un programa que me ayudara a crear juegos sin programar. Tenia pensado ocupar "Scratch" pero al investigar mas a fondo descubrí de que uno de los programas mas recomendados era "Construct 2", así que me descargue la versión gratuita y lo probé un poco y viendo tutoriales vi el porque era tan recomendado.

    Entonces el día de hoy cree mi cuenta para subir juegos y proyectos.

    If you wanna see this in english translate it.

  • Hi, i fond out about this website on the BBC news website, and i decided to use it because i am a big fan of call of duty and halo, and wanted to create my own sort of game from the bottom.

  • Hello, i love zombis

  • Hi! I'm Josh and I heard about you guys at an expo for colleges offering degrees in game development!

  • Helloooo there

    I'am Perlatsp i heard about Construct2 when i was searching about game creation videos

    Here starts my journey on creating games

  • hey i am wabsol,

    i am using contruct 2(free edition) for a year now and i am really happy with it

    i am planning on buying the personal edition

  • Hi, I'm Ceup. I heard about this from my school. We're currently taking a class on this right now. I'm also from Tenessee

  • Hey!! I'm PRIYANSHU. I heard about this in a MVA video...

  • Hi, my name is Jeniffer I am a animation enthusiast. I have decided to try to make my own game instead of trying to work for other people whos' games are already designed. I have seen a lot of use of the program Construct and I thought I would give it a try. If anyone has any advise or suggestions for a new beginner, it would be appriciated.

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