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  • alright

    i wanna create games for iphone can you guide me please?

  • Hola soy nuevo en esto, estoy ansioso por aprender a programar mis propios juegos, espero tener la ayuda de ustedes.

  • Hi, I'm new here.


  • Hello my name is Evan and I'm a college student in SYSU from China.Now I'm trying to learn something about programming and begining to make a simply game.I hope that I can learn more from here and improve myself.

  • hey i'm drake, new to game making I've always wanted to make a remake to the terrible snes moonwalker game. by what else making Micheal a zombie, and having him kill all his impersonators in a escalating difficulty metroidvania style game

  • hello guys im new here on scirra

  • Hello Scirra World

    I'm just an enthusiast really. Never had anything related to games despites playing them (duh) or some lame stuff I did back on the RPG Maker for the ps1.

    Well. But you people here seem really nice! To be honest i've already gone posting stuff before introducing myself here. And I'm posting here mostly for grind some reps HAHAHA hope no one reads this.

    Anyway. I'm really glad that I choose construct over other engines like stencyl. The community here is much much better! Bigger and better.

    Well I'm introduced enought I guess.

  • HI,

    I am an 'experienced' game developer.

    Since last year I've been looking for some easy-prototyping-and-even-more solution. I mainly work as a contractor on html5 casual games, serious games and even on full stack web solutions that need to work on web mobile with some GPU candies.

    For the 3D side, I just felt in love with unreal engine and its blueprint and the fact I can still go back to C++ when I need.

    But for my daily 2D projects I needed something "lighter". I am already making apps using the great pixi.js but I wanted things to go even faster.

    After evaluating different programs ( stencyl, gamemaker, gamesalad ) I just found construct to be just plain pragmatic. It does exactly what I tell it to do. I can already plug my javascript code, I can publish through cordova and cocoonjs. It's just that great. And since I use Haxe/Scala for the js side, I am sure the code side is safe and so here I seem to have a complete rapid-development tool that will certainly suit 99% of my needs and that I can even push to my bitbucket rep.

    So it feels like I just found a great tool there

  • Hi Fan and developers of Games.

    Just signed here today at Scirra forum to know what can i do and to expand my creativity.

    So... anyone knows a good tutorial for noobs like me ?

    Many thanks in advance!


  • Hello, i'm Nikolas Studant of Game Development.

    My focus is on Art and Animation, but i know a bit of Programming.

    I want learn about create games, and i search every day for more knowledge about this fantastic world of games .

    Let's make awsome games \o/

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  • Hello im Oktay from Turkey.First of all,the reason of choosing this program is that you can make different style 2d game.I used free version so i like it.I want to buy c2 on Steam but before that i register c2 forum and i want to learn some information about the c2.I hope it is what I think.Lastly thank you for read my inroduce thread.

  • Hello!

    First time user of construct 2, I am familiar with Game Maker and Unity a little bit and I was quite impressed with the results from the games that were made with construct and decided to give it a try and see!


  • Hi!, I'm George, looking forward to create my first game using Construct 2 and get to know you guys better.

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