The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi,

    I am totally new about programming video games, I'm French, enthusiastic learner and currently without a job so I thought I'd create a very simple 8-bit like game including my friends as characters!

    My references are really classic: Mario, Zelda... I am very interested in everything touching video game music and I really aim at creating an atmosphere in my game rather than develop a particularly strong storyline or anything.

    Really happy to be here and thrilled to begin

    Cheers guys,


  • hello world of construct 2 i have a game i made check it out it is Time waster

  • hi

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  • I'm from Columbus, Ohio and I got to this by searching for my own personal use

  • Can a high level indie game like titan souls and hyper light drifter be make in full in construct 2 ?

  • I am currently taking a design class at Waubonsee and thought I would use Construct2 for building my game.

  • Hello! My name is Elijah, and I am going to Full Sail University right after High school, and would like to try engines and programs. Can't wait!

    Love, Elijah

  • Hi

    my name is arman dafalifa, want to make games


  • Hello i'm new here hope we can get along well

  • hi

  • Hi,

    Looking forward to making some games. I would post a link to my first one but I don't have enough rep yet.


  • Hi everyone.

    I'm a game developer from Thailand.

    Construct 2 now is one of my favourite tool in making 2d platform games.

    It helps me a lot with my projects..


  • Hello,

    I'm scarffy a hobbyist from Malaysia. I just discover this construct 2 a couple months back. Nice to meet y'all

  • Now, that I think of it, I guess I have never officially introduced myself here!

    The name is Markus in real life and I am a composer. Mostly orchestral, mostly for games for now and by rule for hire. This is what I aim to do for my job in the near future so I am very much looking forward to working with you all!

  • Hi, I'm an Icelandic software developer.

    In my free time I'm a game-dev hobbyist, but hopefully I will be doing it full time sometime in the future.

    I haven't done anything special in construct 2 before, but I'm hoping it will be a nice little prototype tool for my projects.

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