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  • Hi AntiVyral i'm totally done for teaming up. If you have bought the full version then you are set. This software is really easy and great to use. I have lots of Ideas to share as well so hopefully we can make something happen. Out of all the software I've used construct 2 is by far the best one out there. RedNoise It can definitely be a 3D game with the right graphic Designers. I've talked to a few people and they say it can be done. There are hundreds of Plugins and behaviors to download to make the programming even better. The Forums and tutorials will answer all your questions.

  • Hello RedNoise been working on rep 500 so i can Private message. almost there. I totally agree with you lots of work and resource for this project. Construct 2 does definitely make it way easier. My email is if it shows is it should also show it on my profile.

  • I a'm looking for others interested in creating an online RPG strategy war game. I have ideas and a layout done i just need a team with more ideas and people wanting to create this game and make it happen. Hope to work with some of yous soon.

  • jojoe I emailed you thank you Hope to talk to you soon.

  • thanks jojoe I've been trying to get my Rep up so i can write you back but i haven't got there yet. I am very interested. Can i get an email to contact you at?

  • Hello Everyone

    I'm doing the Introduction for rep hope to talk with yous in forums and learn from everyone and help wherever i can.

  • It depends on the file i think. it has to be a specific file folder. What Format is it?

  • Hello Gearworkdragon,

    I honestly don't know the answer to your question, but what kind of game are you creating? I'm trying to create a RPG Strategy game as well maybe we can create the game together? sorry I cant help with your question

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  • Hello everyone,

    I am working on a RPG strategy game and need help with the graphic design part. If you know anyone or are interested please please let me know!! I want to make this game happen.

  • Are you Still active here on construct? I'm interested in your work for my game!!

  • sivricmarijan Yes i do have enough experience . What ever i don't know i could learn, and get the experience.

  • Hello sivricmarijan Kingdom War Battle For the Throne is a strategic war game. This setting is a Civil war, just like most games there will be a base were you grow in power, build troops, power, wall traps, research to improve your defense and attack, build a powerful alliance to concur the Throne and there ain't just one king your whole alliance is the king!! I want it to be easy for people to learn fast and become powerful just as fast as everyone else. The Throne will give powerful boosts etc. I have the layout done now i'm just working on the programming and animations. I do have the BETA in the Arcade. I cant post screenshots until REP 300

  • Hello Tekniko I really need help with everything. Animations, Art, the programming, I have tried to create the map of the game i put my Idea out there its in the Arcade (Kingdom War Battle For the Throne) If at all the programming is my biggest!!!

  • gr33n Hello thanks for the reply. I would love to get in contact with you for the animations and art!! Please can i get your email or something to contact you? thanks again

  • Hello,

    My name is Gabe, and i'm 16 looking for some help on creating an all new online strategy war game. I have created an outline, and layout of the game and so many ideas i would like to put into it and some of other peoples ideas as well. I really need help on the creating and developing the game. I have been using construct 2 for almost a month now and i am really enjoying it. I am still struggling on a few things and i know i cant build this game by myself. Please if at all possible can i get some feedback and help on this game. zsangerous

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