The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hey Everyone!

    i just downloaded Construct2 now, and I'm excited to start learning it!

  • Hello. My name is Adeoluwa Ojo and I am 12 yrs old. I go to T. H. Rogers and play the [quote:137zq9xo]violin

    do [quote:137zq9xo]cross country

    watch [quote:137zq9xo]anime

    read comic, and do [quote:137zq9xo]code


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  • dadfsfsasdfaasfsadfsadsfa

  • Hello, I go my mjm and I am from the United States! I learned about construct 2 on many websites talking about game engines. My goals are to get into mobile game development!

  • Hi, i'm Austin Robbins. I am very happy to find this website. So, Actually i found this website through my research of trying to find a website to create my desired game. I searched up 5 top free websites, and boom. So that's my small story of how i found my website. Oh yeah, also i picked this website because it met my criteria's the best, and because it is free.

  • Hello and happy (almost) Fall,

    I've been a gamer since 1978 and have finally decided to try my hand at making games. I'm a freehand artist and hope to incorporate my art into the games I create. I came across Construct and thought it seemed like a great program. It may take me awhile, but I'll get the gist of it. Glad to have found you Construct!

    Thanks ,

    Brian a.k.a. Mister FitShace

  • Hi All!!!

    I am Hasan. I am doing programming for last 10 years. Now I live in Tanzania, it's a very nice place to live in peace and harmony. I am planning to work on a very basic HTML5 game for android and windows phone. So I Google it and found Construct 2. I decide to take a chance with Construct 2!!!



  • professor

  • Hello I am a aspiring game designer and youtuber

  • Exploring new ways to make games. I hope to show more crativity from now on.


  • Hi, i've not been on in about 2 years but I'm checking back in to work on an RTS.

    I like to help people out on the forums as well so will get back to remembering how to use this thing.

  • este juego es para niñas y niños yo se que les gustara mucho diviertance

  • diviertance que es lo unico que importa

  • Hey there, I'm Sune.

    I came across Construct 2 a few years ago, I believe, when I was looking into game development. Back then, however, I was only researching the market.

    Now I am back again, though, and although I'm super busy with studies and running my own company, I have aspirations to become a HTML 5 browser / mobile game developer (mostly browser games for now). So yeah, here I am, back at it again. Just finished the first tutorial, and have the next 5 lined up for whenever I have an hour or two

    My interest really lies in re-creating some of the old classic Flash browser games and take them into the HTML 5 era. Not going to copy them, of course, but figured it would be a nice way to get to learn Construct 2 as well. But outside the world of game development, I enjoy working with startups of all kinds, and love both playing and listening to music.

    The goal? Well, right now, I'm just playing around. One day, maybe, I'll get more seriously into the business aspect of developing HTML 5 games as well. But first step first: get to know the Scirra 2 platform.

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