The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hey guys my name is Ishmael Moreno i am currently in my 3rd year at university Studying Information Technology. In terms of career choices i was undecided between Game Development or Network Security . However recently i decided to look into Game Dev and try it for myself and boy did i fall in love <3 i originally started using Unity ( know a bit of programming ) but decided to try something simpler and ended up finding Construct 2

  • Hello people!

    I want to develop games. I have fresh ideas and i'm interested in developing them. I just need to learn a few tricks

  • Hello World!

    I discovered Construct2 last week and I already love it!

    I'm a newbie-game-developer, not so good with coding stuff but willing to learn.

    My job as a Game Designer still allows me to have a good knowledge of how games work. I'm also a VGM composer, currently working on the soundtrack of a game called Splasher (check it on, it really worth it).

    See ya on the forum!

  • Hi everyone !

    I'm luminahox, a 3D artist currently in training at school.

    I love 2D and 3D games but I've never done one.

    I want to do my first on Construct 2.

    If you have any tips for me feel free to send me a PM, it would be so appreciate !

  • Hello world!


  • Word up, constructors!

    I'm new, be gentle. Just about to get my feet wet in construct 2.

    If I can help out making music or providing sound effects for your games, feel free to contact me. You can keep your money too.

    Take care


    sure I could use a few songs for my game

  • Heard about Construct 2 from NerdCubed, and decided to have a go!

  • я охотно хочу делать игры и радовать друзей!!!

  • Hi there everyone,

    I'm a student with train2game so i'll be using construct 2 as part of my course.

  • Hello!

    I've came up with an Idea of a Game and now trying out some Engines.

  • Hello, just trying to make something out of a concept. Found the engine in Steam.

  • My name is Cleo. I like to draw anyways i'ma a rookie and i am trying to get a start in the game developing world. I will be trying to make multiple games that people will love. I might make ROOKIE my developer name. It sounds cool to me and can me so many things. I hope you all love my games. I am still in high school and i want to go to full sail university, but I do need a lot of experience which I don't have. Don't be afraid to tell me if i did some work that is stupid, boring, un-appeasing, etc. because I actually need constructive criticism.

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  • Hello c2'ers .. im Mubot, designer, illustrator, programmer coming to c2 from flash... so far, im loving the community as well as the product!!!

  • Been doing games for a bit. Usually hire someone for ideas else but want to see what I can do with all these source codes I am finding for c2.

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