The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi Everyone My name is Reza, I'm coding addict!

    I've been developing software for 25 years, since I was 9! Writing from small toolkits for myself to enterprise-grade internet-scale solutions! I started using 2D Game Engines like Construct 2 and GameSalad, but in short time I fall in love with Construct 2 and want to spend next couple of months writing couple of 2D games Wish me luck...

  • Hello guys and thanks very much for the invitation to be part of this forum,I'm looking forward to learn with you

    this looks fun.

  • hi i am liao fu huang , i live in Taiwan

  • i'm a game dev beginner, join Scirra to learn and improve my knowledge. i love game, book and sport.

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  • Hello!!!

    I am Arun Srivastav

  • Hey I'm DraynaRue from DraynaRue Games, DraynaRue Games being my "studio's" name. In other words it's just me. Oh and I'm a Lesbian British Trans-girl, that bit is very important. RAINBOWS!

  • Hello!

    I'm trying to know about the game development and I find this good app, then I'm testing things, I see we can do powerful games.


  • I am a 6th grade boy who wants to make it big in the gaming industry i am using this application for how many features this has to offer

  • Hello,

    Good morning everybody.

    I am a new member from Bangladesh.

    Please welcome me.


  • Well I am here after looking about and comparing all sorts of software. I am a total noob and may never even create anything worth viewing but am going to give it a go. So bare with me if I ask some stupid questions. Actually I was taught that there was no such thing as a stupid question but still. So Hi.

  • Hi, I am Aldrine (with silent e) you can call me Al for short =). I've been using Construct 2 for a few months from now and I like to make games or an app for mobile. Unfortunately I do not have games/apps to release yet but better late than never =). I like it here because of the initiative of people to help others. xD

  • Hello friends,

    I am happy to work with my friends. I am new to construct and Html5. But my target is big one. I like to make my own game. So i hope my best friends will help me to do it correctly and creatively.

    Thank you for your time!

    Under Coding!

  • Hi , I'm from sri lanka . i'm a student . i'm 17 years old.

  • Hi Everyone! I am very new to game development. I see it as another skill I would like to develop.

    I have made several mods for games (skyrim mostly), and have modded many of my I wish to create my own game(s), the way I feel it should play and look like. I am very creative and have several concept ideas I wish to try. I have played around a little with construct 2, and a few other programs. I choose construct 2 because it makes things seem easy and not impossible.

    I am from south africa, and also hope to find someome who can tutor me and guide me so I can achieve what I have in my creative mind ...

  • Hey! I'm collectively known as Rem by many of my close friends. I'm a 16 year old who has a few hobbies and wastes a lot of time (because I'm a major procrastinator haha.. woops). Some of my interests are drawing, playing games, watching anime/reading manga and watching my favourite Lets Players on youtube (plus editing my own AMVs etc for youtube). I also really love sleeping. And having free time to procrastinate. I equally love animals and my two cats are like my own metaphorical children (even though I don't really like actual children that much).

    I found out about construct very recently, and it was via my college course; I'm doing Games Design and they've chosen to let us take a crack at Construct for 2D work. Pretty much only known about the program for a week and a bit. I'm practically a huge rookie to making games on my own, as I only ever used RPG Maker when I was tiny and even then never managed to finish a full game - but I'm hoping this will be a fun experience as I'm using different softwares for different game types throughout my course. So far Construct seems relatively easy to use, but me being a dimwit and a rookie on top of that, I still manage to get myself confused about a lot of the functions of the program - so I'm glad there's a forum we're able to post to and ask for help (I'm equally glad everyone seems rather friendly and willing to help)!

    I've been intrigued by game making for a while because I enjoy playing games myself, and have done for majority of my life, which is what inevitably brought me to picking a Games Design course above others. Well, that and the fact I really like art and drawing, so I was looking forward to stuff like concept art and expanding my artistic horizons a bit more. I enjoy the art side of it the most, but making the actual structure of a game has always been something I've been vaguely interested in since I love actually playing the things so much.

    I probably won't upload many games, if any at all, due to the fact I often drop projects part way through. I also tend to just not upload things like this in general and keep them for personal use. Other than occasional forum activity I doubt you'll see much else from me, though. OTL"

    If it wasn't obvious by now, I like to type a lot and tend to have rather lengthy responses when prompted with stuff like this that could have a lot written about it! However I hope I can find out some new fun things whilst using Construct off and on for my course, and I wish everyone else luck on their game-making journeys as well. :)

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