The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello.

    Im 16 years old and im intrested in game developing

  • ola sou Felipe tenho 21 anos e estou interessado em desenvolver jogos...

    sou de Criciúma - SC

    e conheci o site através de videos..

  • G'day all, I'm Aher0

    my favorite games are dungeon keeper, skies of Arcadia, and sonic adventure battle 2!

    i hope one day i will be good enough with AI to program Britain's first mech warrior to take down Japan and America! YOSH!

    never viewed another persons official introduction, so i'm blagging for rep.

    i'm here with train to game, and if anyone asks, no its not worth while, just pay for construct 2, unity, 3dsmax and update windows op yourself!

    soon i will be in a position to host my own programming team, i'd love to make a fallout game that doesn't just have a world of nothing.... like borderlands.... love how Raze had code for the biggest world map on 1 disk, and would love to hack things like GTA. :,( bless those who made naruto mods

    if you want a pkm showdown, write me and i shall destroy u... also 27, so bite me world.

    My philosophies include the human race is just a bunch of smart monkeys, roll on the techno age, be yourself, and those who watch and comment are probably jealous!..or arogant.. (i doubt intelligence exists, past ones knowledge of useless facts... we all die someday, so BUILD even flight is possible! People are to lazy and caught up in meaning-less life to consider it....really if there are aliens, why the hell would they come to the planet of the apes.....rant over) Alex

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  • 📝 My name is Mohamed Alaa. I'm from Egypt.I am happy to join you. And I hope that you will be in the best case.


  • Meow.

    Hello said the cat, from me to him to you.

    So, Joined to progress on my Games Design course, so with any luck I will be around!

  • Hello!

    My name is Duc. I'm from Vietnam .I am happy to join you. And I hope that you will be in the best case.

  • Hello everyone,

    My name is Dan and I have recently started to use Construct 2 in my games. I have recently released my first game called Sheep Kingdom which is on the Play Store and I am currently adding more levels for its next update.

    I hope to be able to use Construct 2 more, and create more games .

  • Hello Everyone ,I am beginner in Game development .I appreciate the developers for this natural learning Game Development-Construct 2

  • Hi there!

    I'm Marta, black tea and coffee lover!

    Just finished my Fine Arts studies, I'm specialized in illustration and graphic novel, but, you know, videogames have always been so important for me, stories like Final Fantasy II or A Link to the Past are my inspiration, and, well, a part of me would like to make little games with retro graphics.

    So, why not?

  • Hi, you can call me Steph, i'm 21 and i wanted to build a game, but i didn't know how to code and I discovered construct 2, a very good softwart, in particular for people who like graphism like me.

    i'll try to be active one the forum an hope to and be help to improve our games.

    i'm more a console gamer but i like all game with good graphics in 2d or 3d

  • Hey Everyone!

    i just downloaded Construct2 now, and I'm excited to start learning it!

  • Hello. My name is Adeoluwa Ojo and I am 12 yrs old. I go to T. H. Rogers and play the [quote:137zq9xo]violin

    do [quote:137zq9xo]cross country

    watch [quote:137zq9xo]anime

    read comic, and do [quote:137zq9xo]code


  • dadfsfsasdfaasfsadfsadsfa

  • Hello, I go my mjm and I am from the United States! I learned about construct 2 on many websites talking about game engines. My goals are to get into mobile game development!

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