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  • Hello!

    I'm trying to know about the game development and I find this good app, then I'm testing things, I see we can do powerful games.


  • I am a 6th grade boy who wants to make it big in the gaming industry i am using this application for how many features this has to offer

  • Hello,

    Good morning everybody.

    I am a new member from Bangladesh.

    Please welcome me.


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  • Well I am here after looking about and comparing all sorts of software. I am a total noob and may never even create anything worth viewing but am going to give it a go. So bare with me if I ask some stupid questions. Actually I was taught that there was no such thing as a stupid question but still. So Hi.

  • Hi, I am Aldrine (with silent e) you can call me Al for short =). I've been using Construct 2 for a few months from now and I like to make games or an app for mobile. Unfortunately I do not have games/apps to release yet but better late than never =). I like it here because of the initiative of people to help others. xD

  • Hello friends,

    I am happy to work with my friends. I am new to construct and Html5. But my target is big one. I like to make my own game. So i hope my best friends will help me to do it correctly and creatively.

    Thank you for your time!

    Under Coding!

  • Hi , I'm from sri lanka . i'm a student . i'm 17 years old.

  • Hi Everyone! I am very new to game development. I see it as another skill I would like to develop.

    I have made several mods for games (skyrim mostly), and have modded many of my I wish to create my own game(s), the way I feel it should play and look like. I am very creative and have several concept ideas I wish to try. I have played around a little with construct 2, and a few other programs. I choose construct 2 because it makes things seem easy and not impossible.

    I am from south africa, and also hope to find someome who can tutor me and guide me so I can achieve what I have in my creative mind ...

  • Hey! I'm collectively known as Rem by many of my close friends. I'm a 16 year old who has a few hobbies and wastes a lot of time (because I'm a major procrastinator haha.. woops). Some of my interests are drawing, playing games, watching anime/reading manga and watching my favourite Lets Players on youtube (plus editing my own AMVs etc for youtube). I also really love sleeping. And having free time to procrastinate. I equally love animals and my two cats are like my own metaphorical children (even though I don't really like actual children that much).

    I found out about construct very recently, and it was via my college course; I'm doing Games Design and they've chosen to let us take a crack at Construct for 2D work. Pretty much only known about the program for a week and a bit. I'm practically a huge rookie to making games on my own, as I only ever used RPG Maker when I was tiny and even then never managed to finish a full game - but I'm hoping this will be a fun experience as I'm using different softwares for different game types throughout my course. So far Construct seems relatively easy to use, but me being a dimwit and a rookie on top of that, I still manage to get myself confused about a lot of the functions of the program - so I'm glad there's a forum we're able to post to and ask for help (I'm equally glad everyone seems rather friendly and willing to help)!

    I've been intrigued by game making for a while because I enjoy playing games myself, and have done for majority of my life, which is what inevitably brought me to picking a Games Design course above others. Well, that and the fact I really like art and drawing, so I was looking forward to stuff like concept art and expanding my artistic horizons a bit more. I enjoy the art side of it the most, but making the actual structure of a game has always been something I've been vaguely interested in since I love actually playing the things so much.

    I probably won't upload many games, if any at all, due to the fact I often drop projects part way through. I also tend to just not upload things like this in general and keep them for personal use. Other than occasional forum activity I doubt you'll see much else from me, though. OTL"

    If it wasn't obvious by now, I like to type a lot and tend to have rather lengthy responses when prompted with stuff like this that could have a lot written about it! However I hope I can find out some new fun things whilst using Construct off and on for my course, and I wish everyone else luck on their game-making journeys as well. :)

  • Hello.

    Im 16 years old and im intrested in game developing

  • ola sou Felipe tenho 21 anos e estou interessado em desenvolver jogos...

    sou de Criciúma - SC

    e conheci o site através de videos..

  • G'day all, I'm Aher0

    my favorite games are dungeon keeper, skies of Arcadia, and sonic adventure battle 2!

    i hope one day i will be good enough with AI to program Britain's first mech warrior to take down Japan and America! YOSH!

    never viewed another persons official introduction, so i'm blagging for rep.

    i'm here with train to game, and if anyone asks, no its not worth while, just pay for construct 2, unity, 3dsmax and update windows op yourself!

    soon i will be in a position to host my own programming team, i'd love to make a fallout game that doesn't just have a world of nothing.... like borderlands.... love how Raze had code for the biggest world map on 1 disk, and would love to hack things like GTA. :,( bless those who made naruto mods

    if you want a pkm showdown, write me and i shall destroy u... also 27, so bite me world.

    My philosophies include the human race is just a bunch of smart monkeys, roll on the techno age, be yourself, and those who watch and comment are probably jealous!..or arogant.. (i doubt intelligence exists, past ones knowledge of useless facts... we all die someday, so BUILD even flight is possible! People are to lazy and caught up in meaning-less life to consider it....really if there are aliens, why the hell would they come to the planet of the apes.....rant over) Alex

  • 📝 My name is Mohamed Alaa. I'm from Egypt.I am happy to join you. And I hope that you will be in the best case.


  • Meow.

    Hello said the cat, from me to him to you.

    So, Joined to progress on my Games Design course, so with any luck I will be around!

  • Hello!

    My name is Duc. I'm from Vietnam .I am happy to join you. And I hope that you will be in the best case.

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