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  • Hi Guys ! I am an French Game Dev

  • Hi All !

    I am Muhammad Hashim Shafq. I am computer science student currently in my 4th semester. I want to be a game developer and I started work on it.

  • Welcome to this Great Community

  • So, I'm gonna try out Construct 2 and I'm very excited to see what I can make with it.

  • Welcome, Borneo Code

  • Hi everyone, I'm new around here.

    Experienced freelance 2D pixel art designer / spriter and animator.

    Also hobby game developer (like RPGish stuff) , no programmer though.Curious about all your projects.

  • hi my friends my name is soufiane i started play games since 1994 in arcade ( my first game played is art of fighting then fatal fury) now im a pro player in king of fighters 2002 ( i play online vs many players around the world) , i like design -but i can't paint well- and play all kind of games. now i try to make my dream come true ( my dream is to build my own games) .

    i came here because i love this place , and love this software, i will try to be helpful as i can

    that's all about me, good luck to all

  • I'm a young male from Australia. I have been interested in finding a program that is easy, but not too easy to make games, for a long time. So far this looks good.

  • yo! I'm from ohio, though I wasn't born there and don't currently live there, and if I move in a few years I probably won't be going back. I'm on a mac so I'll be trying to run windows through bootcamp to use construct 2, we'll see how that goes! nice to meet you all, I hope we can all be friends!

  • Hello

  • Thank you All.

    i know english language, but my english teacher have said "you sometimes lost your grammar rules" and i'm sorry if you aren't understand what i'm say.

    i just 5 month use construct 2.

    i difficult make screen rotation on mobile automatically lock to landscape orientation. i was built used intel xdk - cordova crosswalk. anybody can help me to solve it?

  • Hello everyone, I'm currently studying the Train2Game Designer course.

  • I'm Eric and I'm a writer/programmer-in-training and I meddle in graphic design for extra income. I ran into Construct 2 after trying out TONS of game making software and after hearing about it on a random forum, I decided to take the plunge. I regret nothing! Besides Construct 2, I also use Unity 3D for some 2.5 and 3D games that I'm trying to get the hang of.

    I've always been a gamer since I was in pampers, and I was always interested by game development but I was always too scared to try and dip my feet in this marvelous world. My wife was the one who prodded me repeatedly by asking me "Why don't you make games? That way, you don't have to pay so much for those japanese imported RPGs that you're always ranting about. Why are you crying? Did I hurt your feeling about those games again? Want to go get a churro? Will that make you feel better? Okay, let's go. Damn, I married a crybaby. My sister was right about him."

    So here I am with a face full of churros and Construct 2 opened in my desktop.

    I've published various books and designed a lot of album covers, but I want to unfold a new chapter of my life by making some fun games and maybe cut back on the churros.

    Thanks for your time!

  • Click on the "xdk" icon on the top left part of the intel xdk window (the xdk icon become blue)

    Now locate "build settings (Android-Crosswalk)" and put "Orientation" to "Landscape"

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  • Tullio Demasi from Amazon, Brazil.

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