The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi Guys!

  • hey guys,

    construct 2 is the best way to make any Mobile Game!!

    I love it!

    Borneo Code

  • Hi Borneo code, welcome to the forums!

  • Hello! I am an Indie Game Dev. I have used programs like MX Flash, game maker 8, Love2d, Blender3D, Gimp, and a many more. . . recently I have been trying to improve my skills at making pixel art. . . a friend said I should get my butt over here and see what you guys think of my art Lol. . . I have been making games for almost 4 years now. . . (not a pro) (never sold a game or project) mainly make stuff because I can, and because it is fun

  • Hi Guys ! I am an French Game Dev

  • Hi All !

    I am Muhammad Hashim Shafq. I am computer science student currently in my 4th semester. I want to be a game developer and I started work on it.

  • Welcome to this Great Community

  • So, I'm gonna try out Construct 2 and I'm very excited to see what I can make with it.

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  • Welcome, Borneo Code

  • Hi everyone, I'm new around here.

    Experienced freelance 2D pixel art designer / spriter and animator.

    Also hobby game developer (like RPGish stuff) , no programmer though.Curious about all your projects.

  • hi my friends my name is soufiane i started play games since 1994 in arcade ( my first game played is art of fighting then fatal fury) now im a pro player in king of fighters 2002 ( i play online vs many players around the world) , i like design -but i can't paint well- and play all kind of games. now i try to make my dream come true ( my dream is to build my own games) .

    i came here because i love this place , and love this software, i will try to be helpful as i can

    that's all about me, good luck to all

  • I'm a young male from Australia. I have been interested in finding a program that is easy, but not too easy to make games, for a long time. So far this looks good.

  • yo! I'm from ohio, though I wasn't born there and don't currently live there, and if I move in a few years I probably won't be going back. I'm on a mac so I'll be trying to run windows through bootcamp to use construct 2, we'll see how that goes! nice to meet you all, I hope we can all be friends!

  • Hello

  • Thank you All.

    i know english language, but my english teacher have said "you sometimes lost your grammar rules" and i'm sorry if you aren't understand what i'm say.

    i just 5 month use construct 2.

    i difficult make screen rotation on mobile automatically lock to landscape orientation. i was built used intel xdk - cordova crosswalk. anybody can help me to solve it?

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