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  • I'm Eric and I'm a writer/programmer-in-training and I meddle in graphic design for extra income. I ran into Construct 2 after trying out TONS of game making software and after hearing about it on a random forum, I decided to take the plunge. I regret nothing! Besides Construct 2, I also use Unity 3D for some 2.5 and 3D games that I'm trying to get the hang of.

    I've always been a gamer since I was in pampers, and I was always interested by game development but I was always too scared to try and dip my feet in this marvelous world. My wife was the one who prodded me repeatedly by asking me "Why don't you make games? That way, you don't have to pay so much for those japanese imported RPGs that you're always ranting about. Why are you crying? Did I hurt your feeling about those games again? Want to go get a churro? Will that make you feel better? Okay, let's go. Damn, I married a crybaby. My sister was right about him."

    So here I am with a face full of churros and Construct 2 opened in my desktop.

    I've published various books and designed a lot of album covers, but I want to unfold a new chapter of my life by making some fun games and maybe cut back on the churros.

    Thanks for your time!

  • Click on the "xdk" icon on the top left part of the intel xdk window (the xdk icon become blue)

    Now locate "build settings (Android-Crosswalk)" and put "Orientation" to "Landscape"

  • Tullio Demasi from Amazon, Brazil.

  • I'm David, Hi. *Waits for the group to say "Hi David...." *

    Hope you have a nice day

  • I am a person and i am from the earth which is by the milky way galexy

  • Hey all. My name is Jason and I'm from the rural part of SW Virginia. I'm a 35 y/o just getting into web based game design. I'm full time employed as a bank manager, married and a father to 5 kids. I hate the rat race and I love games. I've been many things over the years and hope to bring some of my unique experiences to my games. I've been a soldier in the US Army, a pastor, a stock broker, a waste water treatment operator, a Games Workshop store manager, a courier in New York, a business analyst and even got on the cover of a national magazine for my award winning work in Logistics Management. Those are just the paying gigs.

    I've been an avid gamer for nearly my entire life. I blame my father for planting the seed years ago by using D&D to create an open world for bed time story telling when I was just 3 y/o. Over the years I've enjoyed creating games for others to play as well as playing many myself. I was always intimidated by the code and thus stayed away from web games. I'm downloading construct2 this evening and hope to take the first plunge sometime in the next week with a simple platform jumper game. We'll see where it goes from there...

    Good Gaming!


  • hey im a new guy i have no idea what im doing

  • Hi. My Name is Saad and I am from Pakistan. I am doing Software Engineering at UET Taxila. I am dot net beginner and I am really impressed by Construct 2

  • Hi! My name is Jonathan and I'm from the french part of Switzerland. I am doing Software Engineering at HES-SO Sierre.

  • Hello Scirra Construct developers!!!

  • rwww

  • Hello, my name is Hirmen Noverius.

    my english isn't good. but i'm trying to describe me and why choose construct 2 for making game.

    i am from a small village with weakness mobile signal.

    i don't know me well, but i know construct 2 well.

    i hope everybody enjoy my game. but i still working hard to make it good. with error, bug, error, bug.

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  • Hi, i'm Francisco. Currently i'm in college, learning computer science, i've been using C2 for a long time now, but only now started on the forums

    I really like programing, and making games, i have made several games, mostly in Java, and Unity, but now im focusing on C2.

    I like playing a wide genre of games, back in the day, really into Cod( i know....), and guildwars, but i 've always enjoyed smaller scale games, games that make you think, or make hard decisions, but also gaming should be about spending a good time, having fun, whatever genre it is!


  • Hello, world!

  • Hi,

    I am one of those who have been dreaming of developing a computer game that I've had in my head for around twenty years. I have a background in IT and am a Technical Writer, but do not have much developing experience.

    I found Construct 2 on Thanks!

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