The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • I saw "There is no Game" it was so cool i had to check out this engine. I program in java and c++ and am excited to use this program

  • Hi I'm Pumbler! Nice to meet you!

    I like 2d adventure games. I came from Game Maker and am going to give Contruct a try since the HTML5 export seems interesting. I have written a small multiplayer game called Cube Warrior that I used to stream on twitch. I'm now focusing on a offline/co-op platforming RPG. Hope to have a long stay but we will see! Construct looks much different than Game Maker!

  • Hi I'm FlameGame

    I am a developer, designer and producer of games. I am going to start up my own mobile game business.

  • Привет, я Рос. Недавно узнал об этой программе. Хочу попробовать себя в роли разработчика программ.

  • Hello my name is alex, im 18 years old and im starting on games dev to android

  • Hi. I'm interested in making an online multiplayer isometric turn-based game, and I was wondering if construct would be useful for that.

  • hello i'm new

  • I've been hanging around the forums for a while now, and only just realised I haven't introduced myself.

    I'm Gideon,

    I'm a fairly amateur game developer, who's experience is mostly invested in Construct 2 and RPG Maker. My main area of 'expertise' (hours and hours of practice, but no formal training of yet) design side is in graphic design, with everything from titles to typography and HUD design.

    In terms of actual qualification, I'm doing a joint degree in Media/Literature/Commerce, with media production being my passion.

    My game genre of choice is RPGs, with JRPGs like Final Fantasy, Mugen Souls/NIS games and 'Tales of' being staples of my game playing.

    I'm looking forward to continuing my involvement in the C2 community, it's a fantastic environment!



  • I am a High School Student from Lahore, Pakistan. I was introduced to coding last summer and since then I have tried lots of different things. I am currently interning at an App House that specializes in Android and iOS App Development. I heard about Construct here and was given a task to make some sample games here.

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  • I'm a young programmer who wants to write his first program, I hope that your engine will help me in this

  • Hai!! i've just started and I'm pretty excited i heard about construct 2 from careers day at school and I'm hoping i'll do good at this site and hopefully make a popular app.


  • Just introducing myself here on the forum. I'm pretty excited to get started with this awesome game engine! What projects are you all working on? Anyone got any tutorials they would recommend for someone who is just starting out with this game engine wanting to eventually start work on a top down strategy game? Obviously I'm going to hit up the beginner tutorials but I'm sure you guys would know of some more specific tutorials I'd need later on down the road.

  • I feel excited to use Construct 2 even though just trying the Free Edition. I did research in internet that it has great community. C2 also allow game developers to create games easily without coding experience. Well, starting today, I will be participating as active as I can due to my busywork everyday. Counting on you guys yo! That's all I think for short Introduction, thanks for your attention. Ooops, actually I post this to earn some reputation points, hehehe ^.^

  • I am from Austin, TX going to school at Kaplan University working on a degree in IT. I have always loved gaming and thought it would be hard to learn how to get into it, but some people in one of my classes recommended that I try out this program and one other one, so here I am giving my childhood dreams a shot.

    Alex LaRose

  • Hi guys!

    I've been lurking here for the past two years. You've been a pretty big help to me over that time, best I start contributing.

    I hail from a little island called New Zealand. We are better known for our hobbits than our game developers. I started with Construct 2 a couple years ago when a travelling game dev troupe stopped at my univer...

    ... Rest of Introductory post hidden. To unlock, sign up for Construct 2 GOLD edition.

    No but really, nice to meet you all. How have you been?

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