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  • Hello Scirra Construct developers!!!

  • rwww

  • Hello, my name is Hirmen Noverius.

    my english isn't good. but i'm trying to describe me and why choose construct 2 for making game.

    i am from a small village with weakness mobile signal.

    i don't know me well, but i know construct 2 well.

    i hope everybody enjoy my game. but i still working hard to make it good. with error, bug, error, bug.

  • Hi, i'm Francisco. Currently i'm in college, learning computer science, i've been using C2 for a long time now, but only now started on the forums

    I really like programing, and making games, i have made several games, mostly in Java, and Unity, but now im focusing on C2.

    I like playing a wide genre of games, back in the day, really into Cod( i know....), and guildwars, but i 've always enjoyed smaller scale games, games that make you think, or make hard decisions, but also gaming should be about spending a good time, having fun, whatever genre it is!


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  • Hello, world!

  • Hi,

    I am one of those who have been dreaming of developing a computer game that I've had in my head for around twenty years. I have a background in IT and am a Technical Writer, but do not have much developing experience.

    I found Construct 2 on Thanks!

  • Hello!

    I am a videogame enthusiast. I've always dreamt about being part of the videogame industry. I've tried doing so through with somehow great success in the spanish community but it didn't fulfil my expectations.

    To be honest the thing I want the most is to work for a big company as someone who helps with class balance, items and such, the kind of guy that has good problem solving abilities and if not for a big company for a game that I enjoy. This was always my view because every time I play a game especially pvp/online games I can't help to find solutions to current balance issues. That would be like I said my top go to option if I could choose freely.

    Of course getting such a job is near impossible so thanks to the discovery of Construct 2 I am going to make my dream come true. I am going to work for videogames, I am going to work with videogames. Hopefully in the future I might accomplish a good indie game, or maybe the things I do will work in my favour to give me a ticket into a company I'd like to work with, who knows.

    Truth is, here I am and this is my story.

    PS: Sorry for my poor english and grammar.

  • always wanted me one of these.

  • Took the plunge and bought a licence. Eyestrain here I come!

  • Create a slide in the construct look like?

  • Hello World.

    I'm Cota, from Argentina.

    I used to develop with RGP MAKER (pre XP) for fun. I'm interested in continue with the hobby, and hopefully do something more than just running Construct 2 a few hours a week.

    I'm also considering buying a license if i manage to develop some "acceptable quality" games.

    See you at the tutorials section

  • hello, im puppy0cam and I like Minecraft but found this website through looking up deception jam and THERE IS NO GAME!

  • Hello Everyone, My name is Elisha, Im from America. I want to be the first young kid to create a game.

  • Hello! My name is Nick.

  • HI all nice to meet u all

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