The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi community =) I look forward to what awaits within the realms of C2.

  • I'm hoping to submit my flash game on steam greenlight when it's ready. I guess you can contact me if you want to help out.

    I wanted 25 reputation by the way.

  • Hey everyone!

    I'm Jordan; an indie dev from New Zealand. I've been developing games for about a year now (under the alias j make - , on Twitter) and am looking at using Constuct 2 for small, HTML5 projects.

    I'm a solo dev, so I do all my art, sfx, music and programming myself! If anyone has any questions about different development aspects, I'll do my best to help!

    You can follow me on Twitter @jmakegames where I chuck up pixel art doodles and games I'm currently working on! I look forward to being part of the Construct 2 community

  • ugibkguoi

  • I didn't introduce myself yet, but i really want the badge.

    Im just a guy who likes creating games for himself and friends. Im a really shitty artist and i can only do pixelart.

    I never published any of my games because i think i have to have a quality standard.

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  • Hi.

    I am little indie game developer. Create small apps for Android and PC.

    Here are my games:­The-any-Key

    This is my homepage:

    A support blog:

  • Hi my name is Colin.Im from mossuri and i heard about this when my friend was making a game

  • Hi, all! My name is taker. From Japan. I like how C2 is non-ascii friendly software!

  • I designed a very advanced space wargame years ago and now want to play it in computer format using Construct 2

  • Hi my name is Bryan. I'm 30 years old and have been making games since I was 12. I've used countless game engines and find construct very intuitive. I've been working on a puzzle performer for 2 years now. It has almost a thousand events, and all content is made by me. I plan on releasing it for android, then ios.

  • Hi I'm a youtuber who mainly does gaming commentary and comedy. I have made a few small games and would like to expand my game making experience. If possible I'd like to grow my youtube channel while doing this and showcase games made on my channel.

  • Hi! Im from Sweden and heard of the website from a post on slant about the best 2d game engines.

  • Kia ora koutou

    My name is Dave. I'm from Wakefield New Zealand, looking forward to learning and developing some games

    Heoi ano


  • Mabuhay!

    I'm Albert from the Philippines. Hoping to learn and develop fun games that is culture oriented for my fellow Filipinos as well as share a bit of culture!

  • hello!

    im juna from indonesia, wanting make some good game and share it to everyone


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