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  • iyi

  • my name is vishnukanth

    i will learn about game creation

  • Hey folks - pretty much a newbie to game development, but have been playing around with the free edition for a while now, and finally took the plunge for a personal license. I've always found coding to be a bit of a brick wall, but so far C2 is doing a pretty good job of teaching me the logic behind it all and has already been much more helpful in giving me transferable knowledge than other visual/"click together" software I've tried.

  • Hi

    I'm Saeed From United Arab Emirates, A Student At Khlifa University , I Study Computer Engineering " With Software Systems Concentration"

  • Hola, Soy Tobias y soy de Argentina. Soy programador web hace ya 10 años y mis areas principales de conocimiento son tecnologias Java, PHP y Android. Me he enterado de constructor gracias a google. Buscando un buen framework que me pueda ayudar a construir unos juegos simples que tengo en mente me he topado con esto que me ha servido mucho hasta el momento. Si mis juegos prosperan en estas semanas seguramente estaré comprando la licencia.



  • Hi Guys!

  • hey guys,

    construct 2 is the best way to make any Mobile Game!!

    I love it!

    Borneo Code

  • Hi Borneo code, welcome to the forums!

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  • Hello! I am an Indie Game Dev. I have used programs like MX Flash, game maker 8, Love2d, Blender3D, Gimp, and a many more. . . recently I have been trying to improve my skills at making pixel art. . . a friend said I should get my butt over here and see what you guys think of my art Lol. . . I have been making games for almost 4 years now. . . (not a pro) (never sold a game or project) mainly make stuff because I can, and because it is fun

  • Hi Guys ! I am an French Game Dev

  • Hi All !

    I am Muhammad Hashim Shafq. I am computer science student currently in my 4th semester. I want to be a game developer and I started work on it.

  • Welcome to this Great Community

  • So, I'm gonna try out Construct 2 and I'm very excited to see what I can make with it.

  • Welcome, Borneo Code

  • Hi everyone, I'm new around here.

    Experienced freelance 2D pixel art designer / spriter and animator.

    Also hobby game developer (like RPGish stuff) , no programmer though.Curious about all your projects.

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