The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello all!

    I am Scott and have been dabbling with programming for most of my life. I have always wanted to make games and I came across this most excellent looking tool Construct 2! I have yet to start but I am about to fire it up and take it for a drive.


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  • Hello,

    My name is myusername, I like making games with construct, i am a new member in the scirra forums. I have some experience in construct 2, so i try to answer all the questions i can.

  • Hello

    My name is isaac and my partner raul

    I like to make games in construct , its new for us to enter in scirra forums, like to participate in newgronds, amazon, ps3,ps4,xbox, mobile, EGS etc...if you need some help!!!

    I try to answer all the questions in some topics.


    soul deception in newgrounds check my post

    and the future line (coming soon ) sep 2015 probably the DEMO oct 2015

  • Hi all!

    I'm 1/3 of Teaboy Games, a small team of Construct2 Devs. We're about to launch our first game Fallen, a super minimal reaction game. Check out the trailer


  • Hai

    I am newbie in construct 2.

    I from Indonesia and its intersting what can do with construct. Hope a.s.a.p I will also build profitable games


  • Hi, I'm James. How are you doing? Has anyone made awesome games?

  • Hii all im XFX

  • Hello... I'm Clol7, and this is my story.

    Once apon a time, I stumbled apon the launch of Construct 2's launch on Steam. I was, and still am very interested in learning how to make games (dream job ftw). But back then, I either couldn't find support for the game, or it actually wasn't there (I can't remember, it was about two years ago by my fuzzy memory). So I dropped it for a while, fast forward 2 years, I find myself itching to create, and I find this again, with much more success, I'm actually learning.

    So now, as I currently stand, a university student, I find myself unable to afford any of the licenses for Construct 2, I am definitely putting it on my wishlist.

  • Hello! My name is Mike, i'm indie game developer from Kiev, Ukraine. I begin to teach Construct 2. On my first impressions this is a very good gamedev-IDE. Have a great day everyone!

  • i am 17 years old and i am from Belgium. I play football and Fifa on my ps3.

  • Hi guys my name is Matheus and i am trying to use construct to build some cool games..

  • Hello, I'm a graphics pro who has decided to use his cartooning ability to make cool 2d games after completing the Construct 2 monster shooter over breakfast.

  • i heard about connect from a friend

  • hey all im renn, 34, characterdesigner from germany, love to create avatars in 2D/3D.

    after 8 years of freelancerjobs i create now with construct2 my own games.

    or better lets say i try it.

    games are my passion..

    i was so young i dont remember much... but i remember i played C64 games, nes/snes, ooh and DOS games..

    fav game? mmh possible a boring answer: killer instinct, zelda a link to the past, secret of mana, turtles in time, ...ookey you dont know this games??? yes i am old hahaha ^__^ .. dont forget my most love Day of Tentacle or monkey island?..

    aaaaah sry i cant choose here. toooo maaany games.

    so enough about me

    wish you all a great time


  • Hey folks!

    My name's Marco. I'm relatively new to using Construct 2 but I've been having a great experience so far learning from the tutes and feeds. I've been producing something I never thought I'd be able to achieve without the help of mates who can program

    (copy link to preview, wont let me copy )

    Being a new user means that there are some restrictions on embeddings links and images on the forums but if you look up or Mr. Marcomatic you'll find some of the stuff I've created


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