The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello all,

    I saw a guy streaming on twitch ( 2dgamedev ), he was doing some 2d Art in Construct 2.....looked nice ..and here I am

    Regards !

  • hello guys, im danan. i just want to try to make a game , just to fill some time

  • HI Guyz =) im marc, im just simple teenager who wants to experience the world of creating awesome games!

    i want to have alot friends either, and by the way, im from the phillipines =), pls forgive me for a little catch =P

    i cant be active because..... im SIMPLE, internet is a problem..

  • Hi all , I newbie help me download the game , I did it on the (free edition construct 2 ) 2 days everything is ready but I don `t know how to fill it to the site help pliz

  • I help pliz how to fill in the game to the site will be very glad of any hint

  • Hi, i'am Robson. my friend recomended Construct 2 and now i will test

  • Hey I'm Adam new to any type of scripting or game making. Taking classes for java but got a little impatient and wanted to play around with some ideas in my head. This jump started me into making my own game and I couldn't be happier, hopefully all goes well with it but if not I'm still having a blast! If only I could find someone to make sprites /heh. Anyways hope to learn from you guys and pass on what I know to keep this community as amazing as it is!

  • Im a man who have a boring life

    and i just want make a games to make me happy

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  • Hi...

    I am nubie... want to learn how to make game app ...

    nice to meet u all

  • Hello, I'm from Brazil.

    I discovered Constructor on Google, but I was not searching for a game engine, I was searching a mobile app called "Constructor", the app helps you to administrate the construction site and other things in civil construction.

    Interesting no?

  • Hello everyone!

  • hello! im amy and am very new to making games. i sort of want to start with some kind of virtual-pet/tamogatchi type game; any tips for that? i heard about construct 2 from playing

  • hi my names austin

  • Hi my name is Allan, im in senior year in highschool and i aspire to employ myself in the production of video games and i wish to learn the most i can because i live Costa Rica and in my country there is close to no source of knoledge from where i can learn and this is very frustrating for me, i salute you all an hope i can learn the most i can here and thank you very much for reading

  • Hello everyone!

    My name is Cody and Im from The Netherlands,

    I got here by reading aout it on a website about game development software.

    And I hope to make some stuff with this and hope that people are going to enjoy it

    Greetings from Holland

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